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Is This The Gospel?

For the last month, I have been studying the book of Acts and it really encourages me.  When I consider the ways of the modern church and all of its ‘technique’, it is refreshing to read scripture and be reminded of the power of God apart from our ways.

One of the things that really caught my eye is the way the apostles preach.  They preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Jews, and it seems to be done the same way every time.  The Jews have a strong foundation and knowledge of Jehovah, yet they do not know or recognize that Jesus is the Christ or Son of God.  Peter consistently tells them that Jesus is the Christ of the God they ALREADY know.  He is not trying to introduce completely new material, but give them a new revelation based on something familiar.  After the people accept the truth and commit to Jesus, Paul does not make them remounce anything they believe about God already.  It seems that the revelation of WHO Jesus is, is the only truth they need to be set free and saved.

What if we could use the same formula for preaching and bring people to knowing who Jesus is as savior?

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Special Greeting From John Ragsdale

John will be ministering at PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX on September 19th, at our 3 morning services: 8:30am, 10am, and 11:30am.

When They Come and Go

I am sitting in the San Marcos Public Library looking through the windows at the sunshine and beautiful trees.  I am preparing for Sunday’s sermon and listening to Michael W Smith’s new EP “Save Me From Myself”.  Because it is Michael W Smith, it is produced with incredible skill on an incredible budget.  It sounds amazing.  Completely professional.  This is not surprising because  he has been doing this type of quality project for over 20 years.

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Right Hand of God

Several times in scripture it says that Jesus is ‘seated at the right hand of God’.   Our first thought is that means he is geographically sitting in a certain physical position.  However, that is not the meaning or context of the passage. The original readers of the New Testament recognized this phrase not as a physical position but a …

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