When They Come and Go

I am sitting in the San Marcos Public Library looking through the windows at the sunshine and beautiful trees.  I am preparing for Sunday’s sermon and listening to Michael W Smith’s new EP “Save Me From Myself”.  Because it is Michael W Smith, it is produced with incredible skill on an incredible budget.  It sounds amazing.  Completely professional.  This is not surprising because  he has been doing this type of quality project for over 20 years.

What amazes me is that the bass player on this album used to look at these same beautiful, sun washed San Marcos trees with me.  We were partners in San Marcos building a wonderful church in this little town.  Now, he has been called to other things within the kingdom.  San Marcos is still in his heart but his body is in Nashville doing wonderful ‘stuff’ for God.

As a pastor, I can look at this situation in many different ways.

Look at what I lost.  An amazing musician, friend, brother in law, church leader, etc the list goes on and on.  What could have we continued to do here in San Marcos with the momentum we achieved?  I’m ticked, hurt, confused, lost, bitter at God and Jake.

Or, I can see through faith.  I don’t understand the next move, but I put my FAITH in God that the move is best for my worship leader and my church.  The move will cause me some personal discomfort, but comfort is not really a prerequisite for the will of God.  The lord will provide sustenance for our next step.  Plus, look at how this house trained and equiped this minister for his next step in God’s plan.  A plan that led him away from here.

As leaders, we must not hold on to what could have been.  What could have been is obviously not what God intended, so let it go.  Let them leave.  It feels so much better.

Yesterday, I got a call from an incredible family in our church that has been a foundation for 6 years (our church is only 7 years old).  They moved into Austin and feel called to that area and not San Marcos.  They have been small group leaders, Sunday School teachers, landscapers, and strong financial contributors.  When they came to the church, their family was struggling in many ways and they leave PSM strong on many levels.  God used this local church to help them transform into a strong family of faith.

This morning, I had breakfast with a new family that just joined PSM a few weeks ago.  They are in love with the vision and direction of the church and can’t wait to get involved.

When folks enter the church we have the option to possess them, control, manipulate, and try to keep them forever.  Or, we can understand our role.  God has trusted us to steward over them and guide them the best we can.

I love you, Jacob, and so proud of the direction your act of faith has taken you.  I believe in you!


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About pastorrobin

Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at www.psmchurch.com

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  1. Pastor Robin,

    When you “let people go” (when you know it is their time to go) you and Promiseland resource the KINGDOM. You (and Promiseland) are KINGDOM a builder…not your own kingdom but the KINGDOM of God! That is so exciting. Yes, it is sad and can be frustrating, but in the big picture…YOU ARE KINGDOM Building! We appreciate the grace you extended to us as we “exited” Promiseland. By the way, we are now the youth pastors at our new church…focused on growing the Kingdom. We love Promiseland San Marcos and always feel comfortable visiting and staying connected. Because of the grace in which we were able to leave, we have also been able to maintain friendships. I am hoping to start connecting the intercessors in San Marcos to start praying more specifically for our region.

    Thank you for your grace!


  2. Casey, what sweet comments!
    Pastor, a very well written blog!! I’m just a little sad reading it as I had a hard time when our kids moved. Now I’m having a hard time since our adopted kids have moved. I see the big picture……just having to adjust….God will give me what I need as He gives those who have moved what they need! Thank you, Jesus, for your provision!

  3. Would that all pastors had the wisdom of mine…

  4. whew….
    stop making me cry bro!!
    well written as usual. i cannot begin to say how that psm prepared me for everything that i am involved in right now.

    our hearts will always be in san marcos. 5 years of training and having lots of fun with my best friends.

  5. I love what you said…”we must not hold on to what could have been. What could have been is obviously not what God intended, so let it go.”
    That is so applicable in so many areas of life.
    Great encouragement for me this morning….almost two years after you wrote this 🙂

  6. You are so wise, Robin! That is why you are my one of my favorite pastors!

  7. Wow, Desiree. Thank you

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