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I Need YOUR Vote

I (robin) have been studying and praying and writing and thinking a lot about a book I feel I should write.  As you can tell from that sentence, I will need a good editor.

All the steps I have been through has brought be to three basic ideas or angles for the book.  I would like your input on two things.  Which book would you personally be more interested in reading?  (you are not committing to buying a book by participating in this poll.)  Also, I would like your thoughts on which book would appeal to the rest of the population.  In other words, you might think that your opinion is different or the same as the rest of the world.

All three book concepts are centered around our experience with our daughter, Kennady.  The story behind her diagnosis, life with special needs, our faith, and pastoring our church will make up the basis of the book.

The first two options are two different angles on the same basic premise.  The third one is a lot different:

Three Book Ideas

  • Bullet ProofKeeping the faith after life kicks your ButtHelping people remain full of faith even after a terrible life situation.  We will map out our story of Kennady from diagnosis to daily life and how maintaining faith is a marathon.  There is always uncertainty.  However, there can be a place of safety.
  • Made MeaningfulFinding Purpose in the PainEven though Kennady was born with intense special needs she was made by God and He had a divine meaning behind her condition.  This book would help people find divine meaning when bad things happen to people.
  • AbortingKilling the Pro-Life StereotypeThough most Christians believe abortion is wrong, we only hear about weird or violent people stand up against it.  Older generations seem apathetic.  The newer generation is very activist oriented, yet, most seemed bent on helping out all over the world except in our own backyard. This book will help bridge the gap between believers and the brokenness of abortion.  Our story of being given the option of abortion and Kennady’s special needs helps make the case.

Right Hand of God

Several times in scripture it says that Jesus is ‘seated at the right hand of God’.   Our first thought is that means he is geographically sitting in a certain physical position.  However, that is not the meaning or context of the passage. The original readers of the New Testament recognized this phrase not as a physical position but a …

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Book Excerpt 3

Here is another little taste of the book…

This is from the chapter on Prayer:

Questioning God honestly expresses your concern, frustration, and distress.  Jesus says that our Father knows what we need from Him before we even ask[1].  Therefore, it is ignorant to fake like we are doing perfectly well before God all the while we are broken inside.  While counseling with members of my church and meeting in small groups, I find that most people think they are being honest with God when in reality that is not the case.  In actuality, they are not even being honest with themselves, much less God.  Most of the time, God listens to prayers laced with hidden sin, no repentance, memorized clichés,  and self promoting requests.  Read the rest of this entry

Book Excerpt 2

Read part 1

We were at a point of brokenness.  We had hopes that this would all go away even after the initial tests.  We thought we would pray, believe, and get the results we wanted.  However, after weeks of ‘no’ from God, we finally arrived at the breaking point.  At this point, we finally realized our plans and God’s were very different.  We came to the grips that we were in a race.  We raced not in a sprint but in a marathon.  Now, many years into the race and as a senior pastor I have come to grips that God allows everyone to sink to the breaking point.  To some it comes early in life and to others, it comes much later.  However, it is to our benefit spiritually and naturally to see this breaking point.  This point is where you realize you cannot possibly see victory on your own and you must have the help of another entity to survive much less thrive. Read the rest of this entry

How We Found Out

Erica and I sat in the doctor’s corner office as sunshine beamed through the large windows.  It was September 25, 2001, and we were getting the worst news of our life. Read the rest of this entry

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