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Blog Drought

It seems like with Facebook, Twitter, and other internet features that blogging is on the endangered species list.  Compared to the other types of internet interaction, blogs are long, cumbersome, and not very quick.  Even if written once a day, that blog content is not near as entertaining to the younger generations as status updates and the daily pictures that are posted on social networking sites.

Personally, I stopped writing daily blogs because I started working on a book.  However, I hit a major writer’s block and haven’t written in a long time.  I need some encouragement there.  Hits on my blog went from around 200 per day, down to around 30 per day because of all of these factors.  I will keep you all posted with some blogs this week to see what happens.  Maybe it will make a comeback!



What is your prospective?

This is from one of my best friends (his kids).  They created a website for their daughter.  Check it out…


some of you are saying…WHAT IS ALL THAT MESS ON THE RIGHT SIDE and possibly you are saying…HOW DO I SAY SOMETHING.

It is a new way of communicating. I am not sold on it yet, but am giving it a shot. Go to It is sort of blogging, texting, emailing, all in 1 short form. Basically, you sign up and get your friends in your account. Then you post something that Read the rest of this entry

Reflections from my 100th blog

Blogging has allowed “us” to “talk” on a semi regular basis. You can hear from others throughout the week instead of simply on Sunday or whenever you see them.

I put “us” in parenthesis because it is primarily built of our local church membership. However, there are a minority of regular readers outside of PSM. There is even a smaller minority of daily searchers. These people find the blog because of words they put in a search engine. The hottest topic I have here on the blog is “James Dean Hair“. Everyday, I get at least 1 or 2 visitors looking for something related to James Dean’s hair. That is fairly comical to me.

I put “talk” in parenthesis because commenting on blogs is a very weak version of talking. Electronic communication (especially email) is brutally misunderstood on a daily basis. Throughout the last 5 months I have deleted several comments. If I have deleted one of your comments, then please don’t be offended. Maybe I misunderstood your comment. Or maybe you misunderstood my post. Most likely you were correct in your writing and it was simply going in a direction that I didn’t want to go in.

However, having said all that, we all love it or we wouldn’t keep coming back. Day after day. By the time you read this we will have had over 23,000 visits to the blog since July. As I write this, we have had 739 comments! That is crazy.

I want the blog to be a safe place for you to think, laugh, meet and get to know other people. Ultimately, you should see Jesus rising through the text. If not, I have failed and wasted all of our time.

So, let “us” keep “talking”.


I am possibly going to trial this week…

People! I am in court right now reporting for jury duty. I don’t know if it is a murder case or driving violation. If I don’t surface on this blog later this week, I may have been sequestered. However, I doubt that happens in Caldwell county.


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