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I hear radio commercials for They are an online dating service that hopes to link up people from all over the country. Their tag line is interesting.

It says, “Go ahead. It’s okay to look.”

Does that send a connotation to married folks?

Good Friday to you all.  I will see many of you tomorrow for our first ever Saturday service.



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  1. One of my favorite movies, is”The Waterboy”. Billy’s mother detest football, girls, school etc. Due to the possibility of causing harm to her son. So in her thick cajun accent, her line is “Fooball is from the DEVIL!” It is hilarious.
    Back to where I was going with this, “Go ahead. Its okay to look.” is “from the Devil!” This tag line, that is if a doormat for people to step onto, then slip into the doorway to their demise. Not just with Married “folks”, but with any person who has made a commitment to adhere to a way of life. Be it your Walk with Christ, Marriage, Debit, Weightloss, Nutrition, whatever it might be. Do not “go ahead” It is not okay to look!”. If you look, the momentum of your flesh, begins a pendelum of thought. As with any desire, it takes vast amounts of spiritual energy to cease it.
    Romans 7:13 “Was then that which is good made death unto me? God forbid. But sin, that it might appear sin, working death in me by that which is good; that sin by the commandment might become exceeding sinful.”
    As Master Carley would say, “I know I am preaching to the choir here”. So I will leave it at that…….man I need to use less words to get my point across!

  2. Well, besides the fact that is much, much better… 😉

    Seriously, I think you make a good point here, Robin. I had a similar thought when I heard the ads, but hadn’t taken it to the same point you did. I just thought that the whole idea of “just looking” was unhealthy from the perspective of singled OR married people.

  3. This is a classical example of how the devil uses temptation to get our focus off of Christ. To the mind, looking is very innocent, but to the spirit, looking opens us up to desires that will pull us away quickly. King David only looked over the wall at Bathsheba. But as we all know, that look led to adultry, murder, and the death of a son.
    Remember, if your eye is dark, your whole body is full of darkness.

  4. It seems you guys are on a roll and I am with you. Pastor Robin once preached a sermon about placing your perimeter guard way out from where you camp, or live. This thought applies to today’s subject. The time to stop an attack from evil is way out from the actual sin, where it seems innocent. My alarm goes off when just the thought of looking comes up. The devil will usually win if we allow him past our most remote guard. So what do you think ladies, is this relevant to those of you who are not visually oriented?

  5. We know when men are looking.

    When I taught the Youth I was always making sure the young ladies knew what was acceptable visual content and posturing while making sure the young men understood there were tools to help – like the parameters of which you speak.

  6. I agree with you all. Especially about teaching the teens how to dress & act!!!
    Now I am looking for the video that we were asked to watch. I finally tried to watch it tonight and CANNOT find it anywhere. Please help. Put it back where we can find it and I PROMISE to watch it.

  7. Once again—-love the newest picture!!! Steve, you gotta check this one out. 🙂 Let us know when you get your new CD finished. I am sure it will sell at PSM.

  8. Kathy, thanks for the heads up on the new banner pic. Very nice, indeed! 🙂

  9. to view, go to that blog entry. it was about 8 or 9 days ago. password: 7777

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