Saturday was so cool.

saturdayWhat did you think of Saturday? It was our first one, so we aren’t sure what the long term affects will be, but it kicked off with a bang. We had around 150 people worship with us, and God was in the house!
The biggest question I have is for those of you that went on Saturday and did NOT come on Sunday. How did that feel? Was it weird on Sun morning?



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  1. oh my goodness. we just got the count on attendance. somewhere around 615 this weekend.

  2. I would like to give a bit of encouragement to any who might struggle with the idea of gathering on Saturday instead of Sunday. In Romans 14, Paul writes, “One person regards one day above another, another regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind.”

    Sometimes it is hard to break with our traditional views of certain days or certain activities or whatever, because the traditions are so ingrained in us that we equate them with scriptural commands.

    And that may cause it to be difficult for some to see the switch to Saturday as “ok”. Paul doesn’t condemn that. Instead, he basically tells us just to make sure we’re convinced in our own mind and that we shouldn’t judge others for their convictions in areas such as this.

    I do think, however, that the freedom that Paul is describing in Romans 14 is ultimately a freedom in Christ that leads to not being tied to a particular day of the week, and I pray that everyone might find this freedom.

    My prayers are with you, PSM, as you expand into other days of the week. May the Lord see fit to eventually lead you into daily gathering for the purpose of edification and encouragement of one another! 🙂

    Oh, and thanks for letting me “gather” with you through this blog. 🙂

  3. I was there on Saturday and did not go on Sunday. It was a bit strange to not go to church on Sunday and not be sick or out of town. However, I did enjoy it immensely but that is not to say that I did not wonder what was happening at Church. Also, the morning seemed to last forever. Since I babysit the grandkids most Saturdays, it was nice to have a day to myself and do what I wanted to do.

  4. I woke up the usual time (5am) and did the usual routine; feeding dogs, reading, and drinking coffee. Then 8am arrived and I plugged in on TBN and the Awakening! Therefter, the day was beautiful! I really enjoyed Saturday!

  5. my wife and i loved going to church on saturday and sleeping late on sunday. we got to spend all sunday morning having breakfast together, relaxing and preparing out hearts for all the upcoming football games.(i loved it!)

  6. Saturday was a victory service for me and my God. I am walking in His healing and deliverance and feel more free than ever. I felt the strength of His authority in worship and prayer at the altar. I wouldn’t trade anything for my journey now. I laughed over the third song(or was it the fourth song?), “I want to Party,” for two days! My kids crawled into bed with me Sunday morning and I made them french toast for breakfast. Oh, yeah, speaking of children, I had Ethan Fox and Levi jumping up and down, laughing and clapping during worship and Jesus said, “That is the joy of the Lord.”

  7. I personally love the idea of being able to worship, and not have to be dressed all prim and proper. I feel more comfortable in my jeans and a pull over shirt, and when I worship at home will probably be dressed the same way. I have been in services where you had to dress a certain way to fit in, Saturday night I felt more relaxed and more comfortable to do what I went to do at PSM and that was just to Worship and Praise God. It felt really great to have been missed by everyone, but when the Praise team gives you a thumbs up and says they are back, gives you a feeling deep down inside that I can’t describe, it just feels great. Thanks everyone for being our friends forever.
    Love you-all
    The Knowles Family

  8. I thought it was Awsome!!!! We had a really great turn out and I really like having the service avalible in case you have something going on on Sunday!!!

  9. loved it….will be back this week

  10. I thought it turned out great! It felt weird not going to church Sunday morning, but we had other plans and that’s why we went Saturday.

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