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Wreck It Ralph | Sermon Notes

ANIMATED | Wreck It Ralph

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“Wreck It Ralph” was released 8 months ago and has made $471million! Two major story lines that collide and twist. It is hilarious and completely appeals to the generation that grew up on 80s and 90s video games.

Ralph is very similar to our character last week, GRU. He is a bad guy but this time he’s a character in a video game. His job is to destroy buildings so that ‘Felix’ can fix them.  However, after the game gets turned off at night all the characters hang out and party except Ralph. He isn’t accepted because of this ‘bad guy’ status.  He DREAMS of the day where he is accepted and has all the benefits of the good guys.

Check out this scene where he is meeting with a support group for bad guys…

VIDEO: supportgroup

He finds out that the only way he will have any credibility or acceptance by his peers is to earn a MEDAL.  This leads him on an extensive chase, risking his life to earn a medal.

This is where things get complicated. In his quest he meets another character with the same type of identity problem.  Vanellope is an ostracized young girl that is desperately trying to become a legitimate race car driver.  Like Ralph, she just wants to be accepted.  Like Ralph she wants to shed the ‘bad guy’ stigma.  Like Ralph she struggles with her identity.  In fact, she is called a glitch. She is flawed, defective, a malfunction, a mishap.

She was told, “You will never win a race because you’re am a glitch and that’s all you will ever be.”

Check out Vanellope’s struggle – VIDEO: Vanellope

LETS TURN TO SCRIPTURE and See how Wreck It Ralph compares to the Bible

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