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New You Resolution Day 16

It’s Monday!

I am still feeling the momentum from Saturday and Sunday.  It was amazing to join with over a 100 guys on Saturday morning, hang out, eat breakfast, and hear Ted’s story.  I have to admit that it was odd to be fasting and preparing breakfast. I ate part of the breakfast and avoided part of it.  Other than that, it was smooth sailing.  I was stunned at how many strangers were at church on Saturday and Sunday.  Ted really drew in a slew of guests.  There were some amazing stories of God touching the hearts of men AND women.

In my devotional Bible reading, I can’t get out of Matthew chapter 13.  I read it each morning and chew on each part.  Today, I was locked into verses 44-46.  I want those verses to be lived out in my life.  I also read a lot of the Bible for sermon preparation each week.  This reading is all over the place and is a slightly different type of study.  Today, I am starting to dig into the message for this coming Sunday.

What have you been reading lately? What is God telling you?

I have switched my fast this final week.  I have switched meat with carbs.  So I am fasting from most carbs. I am continuing to eat veggies, fruit, and minimal amounts of brown rice or sweet potato.  I am not eating sugar, bread, chips (this is the BIGGEST for me), pasta, oats (this is also BIG for me), etc.

It still amazes me how a limited fast like this is a struggle.   We went to Jason’s Deli after church yesterday.  I can fill up on a salad and still be upset that I didn’t eat a cracker or bread or ice cream.  God speak to me!!

If you haven’t fasted yet…JUMP IN this week!  Even fasting for one day produces results in your life.  In fact, I encourage everyone to continually fast throughout 2017: once a week or once a month.

love ya’ll!



New You Resolution Day 10

Welcome to Day 10!

I’m not sure if you all know this, but I am in a pastors’ discipleship group that meets weekly.  There are 7 of us from all over the United States that meet via internet video.  Jeffrey Garner and Mike Breen are leading us through many different scriptures, exercises, and discussions.  It have been so fruitful.  This fasting and prayer combined with my discipleship group is changing me.  I encourage those of you who have not joined a group to GET IN ONE.  Pick one from our list. It will take several weeks to feel like there is chemistry.  Give it time.  Click here for a list.

Last week, in my group, we were told to spend the week seeking God for our window into the gospel.  What is the way you specifically and personally are able to share the gospel with other people.  How has your life experience continually pointed you to Jesus? How can you use that to point others to Jesus?

This is what I have come up with so far. I thought I would share the rough draft with you.  I welcome your thoughts.  Those of you that know our personal story will not need a lot of explanation as to how I came up with it.

What can God do with your present that seems hopeless and lost?

When we are faced with trauma and unanswered prayers, we can look to  Jesus who not only knows every detail of our life but experienced trauma and unanswered prayers himself.  Our Savior relates to our experience by his own experience of betrayal of his own people, the Jews, and being forsaken by his father on the cross.  This betrayal and abandonment is not wasted.  It is the very foundation for the salvation of the world.

What can God do with your present that seems hopeless and lost? A lot.

love ya’ll,


New You Resolution Day Six

Welcome to Day Six,

I have had some good conversations with folks yesterday and today about their fasts.  Everyone is working through it differently.  I am always glad to get your comments here as well.

This particular fast is more like a marathon than a sprint. Don’t be concerned with how you feel on a specific day or time.  We are wanting  a paradigm shift. We are wanting a completely pure/authentic personality and character.  This will take a while.  In fact, the fast is simply the beginning.  However, if you will be faithful through the fast with prayer, Bible reading, and community, you will find yourself in a good position for 2017.  Also, remember not to compare yourself to others.  This is so tempting.  This is between you and God.  Trust the process, don’t rush it.

I am actually buckling down a little bit on my fast.  Removing some more items from my edible list.  I think that is needed for me at this point.  I’m not sure if I have mentioned it on here, but I have been reading the Bible in Spanish this year.  I typically read 1-3 chapters in Spanish and then a couple chapters in English.  I really want to learn better Spanish for our mission trips.

On Friday our offices are closed so I don’t see many people. It is a day to separate from the pace of life and really rest for the weekend. I don’t review anything for Sunday.  I do have a wedding rehearsal this afternoon, so I will be heading to that soon.  Tomorrow, I will pick the sermon back up and dig deeper into what God has for us.  Can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!

love ya’ll!


New You Resolution Day Four

Hey Everyone,

I have been praying for you! Last night, I hosted our first live prayer session on Facebook. 262 people logged on for it.  Wow! We prayed for many different needs. I am believing God supernaturally met with people in that moment.  Those sessions are not planned in advance.  I simply feel the urge and go live on Facebook.  If you are on and see me, click into the session and help me pray with people.

I met with our men’s prayer group this morning and we had a great time of prayer and sharing. We were honest about what we are seeking from God during our journey in January.  If you are not in a group of some sort, please find one.  We will be giving you all the group options on Sunday morning.  If you want a sneak peak, click here.

I have been eating a lot of veggie soup.  Almost tired of it.  However, eating in general is a blessing when you are hungry. I never want to take that blessing for granted.  So many in the world would fight for some veggie soup right now.  My physical body seems to be adjusting to the different diet.  I am thankful for that.

How are you doing?

I am so thankful to hear from each of you when you comment on the posts.  Please feel free to simply check in with a few brief words if you can.  It is encouraging to see others in the movement with you.

How is your scripture reading? What is God saying to you through the text?  Have you slowed down enough to give God the space to speak?  Sometimes, we are rushing so fast, we do not give Him the attention needed.  Let’s slow down.  Let’s quit talking so much.  Let’s intentionally listen for God to speak.  Maybe He is speaking to you non-verbally.  What have you seen lately that might be the voice of God?

All for now,


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