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New You Resolution Day 10

Welcome to Day 10!

I’m not sure if you all know this, but I am in a pastors’ discipleship group that meets weekly.  There are 7 of us from all over the United States that meet via internet video.  Jeffrey Garner and Mike Breen are leading us through many different scriptures, exercises, and discussions.  It have been so fruitful.  This fasting and prayer combined with my discipleship group is changing me.  I encourage those of you who have not joined a group to GET IN ONE.  Pick one from our list. It will take several weeks to feel like there is chemistry.  Give it time.  Click here for a list.

Last week, in my group, we were told to spend the week seeking God for our window into the gospel.  What is the way you specifically and personally are able to share the gospel with other people.  How has your life experience continually pointed you to Jesus? How can you use that to point others to Jesus?

This is what I have come up with so far. I thought I would share the rough draft with you.  I welcome your thoughts.  Those of you that know our personal story will not need a lot of explanation as to how I came up with it.

What can God do with your present that seems hopeless and lost?

When we are faced with trauma and unanswered prayers, we can look to  Jesus who not only knows every detail of our life but experienced trauma and unanswered prayers himself.  Our Savior relates to our experience by his own experience of betrayal of his own people, the Jews, and being forsaken by his father on the cross.  This betrayal and abandonment is not wasted.  It is the very foundation for the salvation of the world.

What can God do with your present that seems hopeless and lost? A lot.

love ya’ll,


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