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Sermon Notes – Generous ultimate test of your faith is:  Are you Generous?

“Well sure, I am giving a ton of gifts this year.”  Is there a difference between giving gifts and being generous?   You can give gifts without being generous.

 Typical Christmas Gift Giving

  1. It is expected of you. Tradition
  2. You are returning a favor from last year’s present
  3. You give first in order to get

Questions to Ponder:

  • How much of the money you are spending is giving from a generous heart vs. obligatory heart?
  • What if you only gave from generous perspective?  Would it change WHO you give to?  If it were totally generous, would it include a different group?

Generous – liberal in giving or sharing; unselfish: Giving with no concern for recompense.  There is nothing about the definition of generosity that says you have to be rich to be generous.  It is a heart condition.

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