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Your Favorite

Pastor Randy Phillips of PromiseLand West has asked me to preach over there. Not this weekend. Anyway, I asked him if he had a particular topic that he wanted me to cover. He replied with “your best sermon”.

Now, I have to figure out what my best sermon is. I thought I should come to you and ask which sermon either made the most impact on you OR was theologically the most sound…??? If you can even remember one, then it was probably the best.

I will put it in the form of a poll. I have selected a few series that went well. If you think of one outside the poll then write it in!

a. The Dumbest things Christians Do
b. My Church
c. God’s Big Give
d. Easter-Wearing Christ (cutting up the coat)
e. Coverage
f. ________________________



Cell Phone Quiz

I was in a meeting Thursday and 2 cell phones went off (very loudly) at different times.  Each time, the person muted it without even looking at it.

WHY take it to a meeting if you aren’t going to use it?  How important does it have to be to interrupt your meeting and answer the phone?

When was the last time you used your phone for an emergency?  How many times this year have you used your phone for a ‘very’ important, time sensitive call?

Would you join my movement to leave cell phones in the car during meetings? (especially one-on-one)



In lieu of the economy and current gas prices, I thought it would be cool to readdress this blog.  Look at the comments to see our thoughts!!  It was originally posted on August 6, 2008.  Little did we know it would drop so far so fast.  I heard it is $1.98 in San Antonio…

Gas(oline) Quiz

I just read on that gas prices have gone down for the 20th straight day.  The national average is now $3.86 per gallon.  Strangely, we get exited about this price drop.

The question I am curious about is… how far do you think it will drop to over the next couple of years.  If demand for gas goes down significantly with different types of cars, less driving, and more drilling, will the price drop to under $2 per gallon?  Or have we passed that threshold never to return?

What is your gut feeling based on the news you have digested over the last few months?

a.  Gas prices will continue to rise and never go under $3 per gallon
b.  Gas prices will bounce around and possibly dip, but will eventually climb even higher
c.  Gas prices will drop because of less demand and more supply, they will go down below $2 a gallon.
d. Gas prices have changed my attitude about the environment, the Presidential race, and my car
e. ___________________

pick as many as you want…


need your help…QUICK

give me your vote on these 2 slides.

Do you like the red or black better.  tell me what you like or dislike briefly.




I put this on twitter on Memorial Day as a thought provoking matter, but I want to extend to the blogosphere.

Is it littering to leave a penny on the ground?

You drop some change.  You scoop up the quarter and dimes and leave a penny that is several feet away.  You are in too much of a hurry to walk over and pick up a 1 cent piece.  It is worth very little, yet worth something. I know some of you are already asking…”What if everyone left their pennies behind”

Any philosophical ideas/debates?


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