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Pastor Randy Phillips of PromiseLand West has asked me to preach over there. Not this weekend. Anyway, I asked him if he had a particular topic that he wanted me to cover. He replied with “your best sermon”.

Now, I have to figure out what my best sermon is. I thought I should come to you and ask which sermon either made the most impact on you OR was theologically the most sound…??? If you can even remember one, then it was probably the best.

I will put it in the form of a poll. I have selected a few series that went well. If you think of one outside the poll then write it in!

a. The Dumbest things Christians Do
b. My Church
c. God’s Big Give
d. Easter-Wearing Christ (cutting up the coat)
e. Coverage
f. ________________________



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Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at

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  1. WOW!! I am torn…I say that it would be between The Dumbest things Christins do and Coverage. They were both GREAT!!! and I got so much out of the Both of them. But if you only had One Day to give the sermon then I think I would say Coverage.

    I think I will have to think about this more…………

  2. I thought the Easter sermon was brilliant. It was funny and entertaining and got your quick attention but cut to the heart at the end.

  3. I have loved each of these, but as I sit and think on it, I feel the Easter- Wearing Christ, was ONE of (not the, by a long shot) best so far.

    Sister Michelle is so right, there is alot of humor in it, but the end grabs you.

  4. I’m sorry but I have to go with F. Your Heaven and Hell seromns were great !!!!!!!!! I find myself still thinking about them …….

  5. I vote for F. I think the one sermon that made the most impact on me was way back at Jackson Chapel when you preached on Windows of Opportunity. Actually, I would not mind hearing an updated version again.

  6. Wow, Dad. That goes way back. Thanks for the reminder

  7. You have to ask yourself…What is God doing there and what message best fits there? Okay, so really, you have to ask God. 😀 He knows. I really got alot (by alot I mean it stuck with me and I thought about it later) and was motivated by God’s Big Give.

  8. I agree with Casey. God needs to lead as to what is needed.
    I also agree with Michelle’s Easter service as a great one. I just hate to see another coat cut up. 🙂 There have been too many to choose just one.

  9. Heaven and Hell sermon ,open my eyes to an understanding and vision i had never thought about before.
    I never thought about being lonely,being totaly alone no one will care about me, it scared me. Hell is a place I dont want to be in. and I feel most people never think about hell in these terms.

    A nother sermon that touched me was June 22nd “Sin`s sweet Seduction”

  10. Heaven and Hell has been preached at PL West recently.. hint hint.
    Mom, I have 2 more coats that are too small. they would work.

  11. I agree Grandmommie Now that you have brought THOSE ones up 🙂 Haven and Hell was a REAL Eye opener and Sins sweet Seduction really touched me too.

    So many Good ones to choose from
    Of course you will talk to God about it but…..Will you tell us what you decide?

  12. F. just take up an offering and leave!!!

  13. Many times my wife makes a wonderful meal. When she creates it, she makes extra and freezes it. We will eat it again in a month or so, and it always tastes just as good, if not better for some reason. However whenever she is asked to come cook for anyone she always goes and opens her nine million different cook books and finds a special meal for whomever we are entertaining rather than cooking up an old favorite. Giving of something new and exciting, for both her and our guest.

    A visionary as yourself has a direct link with our Lord, 24-7, what word does He want spoken at Promiseland West, what is the point of this new appointment, or more so, this divine appointment? Old wine in new wine skin, I think not, give them some new wine so that it will ferment in its appointed vessel.

    Sorry, sure dont want to be difficult. Sure miss this blog!

  14. Well Josh, Hell and Heaven would be
    LIke McCain and Palin …..stiring the pot. Putting a new wine in an old skin. .
    Awesome service last night. So glad I didn`t miss it.

  15. Good thoughts, Joshua. Some ministers might take that thought so far as to never speak on same message twice. if they had 3 services on the wknd, they would preach something different every time.
    When Erica cooks for others, I want her to cook something that she is very good at. Something familiar to her, not familiar to the guests.

  16. I think this is turning into a sermon series for me…..hint hint

  17. I really liked the Easter service!

  18. Ms Erica are you hinting that you would like to preach a sermon series ?

  19. YES! Ms Erica I would love to hear you preach I would move from the second row to the First row 🙂

  20. Well, i ended up preaching on “take it to the limit” expanding the margins of your life.

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