In lieu of the economy and current gas prices, I thought it would be cool to readdress this blog.  Look at the comments to see our thoughts!!  It was originally posted on August 6, 2008.  Little did we know it would drop so far so fast.  I heard it is $1.98 in San Antonio…

Gas(oline) Quiz

I just read on that gas prices have gone down for the 20th straight day.  The national average is now $3.86 per gallon.  Strangely, we get exited about this price drop.

The question I am curious about is… how far do you think it will drop to over the next couple of years.  If demand for gas goes down significantly with different types of cars, less driving, and more drilling, will the price drop to under $2 per gallon?  Or have we passed that threshold never to return?

What is your gut feeling based on the news you have digested over the last few months?

a.  Gas prices will continue to rise and never go under $3 per gallon
b.  Gas prices will bounce around and possibly dip, but will eventually climb even higher
c.  Gas prices will drop because of less demand and more supply, they will go down below $2 a gallon.
d. Gas prices have changed my attitude about the environment, the Presidential race, and my car
e. ___________________

pick as many as you want…



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  1. E. I’m not sure what will happen but with the gas prices as high as they have been it sure makes me want to buy a horse and try ride it around instead of a car!

  2. I think gas prices will drop back below $2.00 a gal. The soaring cost of fuel has not really changed how people drive. I still drive as many mile if not more than I did before. I am never happy at the pump (unless it has dropped, paid $3.68 in Austin yesterday and was happy) but still we put the plastic into the machine and fill up the tank.. Where does it stop? or does it? will we continue to pay what ever they charge or will we get to a point where we really can feed a horse cheaper and put some hitchin’ post at church to tie up our animals?

  3. Bill and Suzy, we did not plan on putting a stable on the new 10 acres the church just bought.

  4. e. Gas prices are unlikely to drop below $2 a gallon ever again. We should look for alternative forms of fuels.

    By the way, one of my best friends (she was in my wedding) is a chemical engineer at Chevron. She says they do not expect for gas prices to go down by much.

  5. Dang Pastor, we could build a NICE stable on the ‘back 10’ LOL…. and I wish Casey were wrong about her post, but I just saw a thing online where gas is expected to go up again…. Time to start looking for a horse and wagon… wonder how long it would take to get to the coast that way? The men going fishing tomorrow will understand that ‘joke’

  6. The day gas goes under $2 will be the day you can put a screen door on a submarine. Better start planting a corn field — at least you can feed your horse and your car with it. 🙂

  7. I do not think gas will go below $2.00 ever again. What do I need to do…conserve by moving closer to my job (Austin) no way because we can leave PSM, minimize unscheduled traveling, or etc. I wish I could invent alternative forms of fuels to help out.

  8. I think gas prices will drop as we look for more fuel sources including oil that is offshore close to the USA. I remember waiting in long lines for gas in Houston when I was a kid because you had to purchase on odd or even days. Let’s not relive that !!

  9. My answer is “B”. Unfortunately, I think the days of $2 gas are gone… Prices may vary a little here & there, but honestly I think $5 – $6 per gallon is a lot closer than we would like to think…

    I kind of like the horse idea myself…it’d be nice to slow things down a bit 🙂

    I think there are already viable alternatives…but we can probably expect them to be implemented gradually over the next decade or so. It will be a pretty tricky task to phase out oil/petroleum products without creating too much shock to the economy. In the meantime, we’ll probably be paying prices for gas that our grandparents would never have dreamed of…

  10. I agree with Jereme. I also think there are some changes coming in spite of the grip the big oil companies have on our society. I am excited to read about an Indian company that is producing cars that run on compressed air and will cost about $18,000.00 and only $2.00 to fill up. They are already being used in India and Europe and there is a company in NY that plans to import them here in 09. You can check out the air car here:

  11. I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona that is for sale also…

  12. I think B I wish for C. and D I`am glad I got a smaller car.

  13. WAY to GO BILL!!! You are the only one who thought that Gas Prices would go back under $2.00 they are very close here.

    In OK my sister got it for $1.97!!!

    I dont mind so much when I got to fill up!! Thanks you Jesus!!!

  14. Bryan’s aunt was telling us about something her and her husband did to their diesel truck…..turned in into using at times recycled vegetable oil……yes i said it! 🙂 They came down here not too long ago and ran it on that and only paid $20 round trip from Ruisdosa NM! Then when they back into the mountains and cold weather it goes back to diesel. Course they had to pay a good chunk to get it that way….like $5000….but the payoff sure did sound good! LOL! God bless all……….oh and we went to sea world on sat. stopped right out side NB and got gas for$2.09 that was NIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I am still driving on it! 🙂 THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!! 🙂

  15. I am very glad to see the cost of gas go down. The only thing that is upsetting is I will fill up today only to see it lower tomorrow lol. I filled up for 25.00 yesterday. I can not remember filling up that cheap. It is sad to say $25.00 in gas is cheap. Lets hope to see the under $2.00 a gal here and soon. See you ALL at Trunk or Treat tomorrow night.

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