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11 Days in Israel compacted into 13 minutes

It’s been 4 months since our trip to Israel, but our team got together tonight and we made this video that summarizes the once in a lifetime trip.

Israel | Day Three (part 1)

Our guide. A great man, Munir

Our guide. A great man, Munir

It was hard to imagine that our next day could compare to Day 2.  However, everything continues to amaze us.  We have a native guide and bus driver, therefore, they know many locals and have inside connections that other tours don’t have.

The pic above is Munir (bus owner and driver) and Zaire (our tour guide)

photo 2-3

This church was built on the ‘Mount of Beatitudes’. The place believed to be where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount.  The pic below is our group sitting on rocks on the side of the mountain and me speaking to them.  I read part of Matthew 5 and we prayed here.

photo 2-2

photo 5-1

Here is an ancient boat discovered in the mud of the Sea of Galilee.  It is from the first century.


photo 4-2

The ‘mountain’ in the center of the pic is where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount.



photo 1-2


Fresh squeezed Pomegranate juice! So good. $2 a cup. Worth it!

photo 3-1


We need a sign like this at church! At all holy places, they do not allow immodest clothing or other things shown here.


photo 2-1


The small village on the hill here is where Mary Magdalene was from.

photo 1-1

Here was my breakfast.  That is a serious Jalepeno!! This is the land of milk and honey and large peppers.  Remember, how big the grapes were in the Old Testament.

photo 4-1


These remains are Capernium, the city where Jesus lived most of his adult life.  Many amazing things happened here in Jesus’ life.  There is a church built on what is believed to be Peter’s home.  The ruins here are actually from Jesus’ time period.  It was in one of these homes that the man was lowered from the roof and Jesus performed a miracle in his life.

Please excuse my typos and misspellings.  I am doing good to get posts up.  More later…




Notes from Wednesday Night 4/4/2012

When Jesus was arrested, the disciples ran.  Then, two of them (Peter and John) circled back around and followed the group to Caiaphas’ and Annas’ quarters.  John was familiar with the guards, so he went in promptly with Jesus.  Peter was standing at the outer gate, John spoke to the girl attending the gate and she let Peter in.  At this point, Peter messes up.  He decides to stand out in the courtyard and warm himself by the fire, while John and Jesus are in a different part of the compound.  Peter is surrounded with a lot of people that are not supportive of Jesus and it sets him up for failure.

We see 3 types of people:

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ACLU challenges San Marcos City Council

Here is a letter I sent out to local churches and our membership.  Please go to SMMA and comment. -thanks!

The ACLU has challenged San Marcos City Council’s right to have an invocation at each council meeting.  They have officially sent a letter to city officials.

Please go to the SAN MARCOS MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION website and voice your opinion of what direction we should take.  You will also be able to download the letter from ACLU on our website.

Thanks for your time,
Robin Steele
San Marcos Ministerial Association
Vice President

Book Excerpt 2

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We were at a point of brokenness.  We had hopes that this would all go away even after the initial tests.  We thought we would pray, believe, and get the results we wanted.  However, after weeks of ‘no’ from God, we finally arrived at the breaking point.  At this point, we finally realized our plans and God’s were very different.  We came to the grips that we were in a race.  We raced not in a sprint but in a marathon.  Now, many years into the race and as a senior pastor I have come to grips that God allows everyone to sink to the breaking point.  To some it comes early in life and to others, it comes much later.  However, it is to our benefit spiritually and naturally to see this breaking point.  This point is where you realize you cannot possibly see victory on your own and you must have the help of another entity to survive much less thrive. Read the rest of this entry

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