What is your pet peeve?

One of mine is when people say, “God is Good” right after something good happened in his or her life.  It is like they are qualifying God because of a situation.  God is good whether our lives are good or not.  Right?  What are your thoughts?

Any other peeves that mess you up?



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  1. People who always say they are “blessed” when you ask how they are doing even when you know things are not good with them. Just be honest…sometimes life is hard it’s okay to say “Well, things have been hard lately.” Saying over and over that you are blessed isn’t going to allow others to come along side and help/pray for you.

  2. People who say something akin to the following:
    “Let me see if I CAN’T pray for you or … (fill in the blank).”
    What they are telling you by the words they speak is they don’t want to do, get, or whatever. The words of our mouth proclaim what we have and can do with God.

  3. let me clarify…God is Good. All the time. so say it with gusto. all the time.

  4. God is good, all the time, and we should acknowledge the fact, all the time. Maybe, like Casey refers to, it is insincerity or a front that people project to impress others, that bothers us.

  5. My pet peeve is people who want to work for the church, but get real busy when they find out it will be on a volunteer basis. If they could only understand the concept that Christianity is all about giving, not receiving, their life would be greatly enhanced.

  6. my reference is to people whose faith is based on situations. it takes tragedy to realize where your faith stands. in those tough times you begin to realize who God is and what power He possesses. God is the same regardless of the diagnosis or prognosis. God’s qualities or characteristics are not dependent on our situations. Nor, are they always understood through our situations. Are these statements true?

  7. We have to determine what is God, what is the enemy and what is human.

    Guess what, if you don’t change the oil in your car, eventually, it is going to break down. That’s human – not God punishing you or the enemy at work in your life.

    The reason God is good all the time…is no matter what the situation, He can turn it around and use it for good; good for you and good for others.

    Romans 8:28
    And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

  8. My pet peeve is Broken Promises, when there is no aparent reason to do so. Like you promise to do something for someone and you don`t show are call. Are you borrow money and forget to pay back ,and never ever mention it. Do you think I forgot ? .Or you start something and never finish,makes me wonder what kind of a person i`am dealing with.
    Now don`t worry about me. Just wonder what God is thinking about you.

  9. AMEN! to Rob and Wynnel!!

  10. Traffic. Therefore, I go to work at 4-4:30 am and leave at 2pm. It’s just great how it all fell into place and God made it a way for me to avoid all that traffic.

    Still run into traffic there in the afternoon but it’s not so bad.

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