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A Thriving Fire

If you are new to my blog, all of the sermon note posts are directly from my actual speaking notes.  Therefore, there will be a few gramatical errors and possibly notes to myself.  If you ever have questions concerning the notes, please send me a comment.


Week2_thrive_mainToday, we are in week 2 of THRIVE. If you missed last week, please get the podcast or video of it. People are saying that it really impacted them. It is crucial to your spiritual and emotional maturity.

Last week, we talked about the garden having elements that made it thrive.

Today, I want us to look at the miracle of a fire.


There is nothing like a Fire on a cold day! – my enjoyment and skill of starting fires


thrive_FIREThe triangle illustrates the three elements a fire needs to ignite: Heat, Fuel, and Oxygen. A fire naturally occurs when the elements are present and combined in the right mixture, and a fire can be prevented or extinguished by removing any one of the elements in the fire triangle.


Ignition (heat) starts the chain reaction. You need soft materials or kindling that will burn easy. Slowly, the fire burns larger. When more and more fuel and air is added, more and more heat is generated. That in return give power to burn more and more fuel. All the while, air is needed to continue the chain reaction.


Why a Fire Goes Out

Water puts a fire out because it lowers the heat. The fuel and oxygen is still there, but there is no heat. You can throw dirt on a fire and put it out because you are removing the oxygen.

Example of our fire at church started burning again 10 days later when oxygen returned.

If you quit putting wood on the fire, the fire will go out because it has heat and oxygen but no more fuel.

Throughout scripture, God uses fire as a metaphor to describe himself. Sometimes, it goes beyond metaphorical language and is actual (burning bush).

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