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How Does Superstition Affect Your Faith?

1932769_10152302758534887_2049324636_oWe are started a new sermon series this weekend, called VERY SUPERSTITIOUS! Where is our fear and faith based?

Let’s talk about some of the most common bad luck and good luck traditions that we have.

Bad Luck – broken mirrors, open umbrellas inside, walking under ladders, black cat crossing, spilled salt, placing purse on floor, saying something positive will jinx, itching ears is gossip about you,   Next week we are going to talk about OJO! Get ready for that one!

Good Luck – rabbit foot keychain, picking up coins, 4 leaf clovers, wish on a falling star, wish on birthday candles (don’t tell anyone), wishbone at thanksgiving, itching palms means money,

Another tradition that we have in our culture is saying “Bless You!” after someone sneezes. Some people are automatic blessers. Others are familiar blessers. Others never say bless you.  Sometimes I’m not sure if I will say it or not.  Do I say it? Do I not say it?  If the situation is reverse and I just sneezed, I wait to see if anyone will bless my sneeze.  When no one blesses me… #smh

Superstition= a belief or notion (not based on reason or knowledge) in the significance (positive or negative) of a thing, action, habit, etc.

(A belief that you have that something is good or bad based on no reason or knowledge.)

Most of you probably aren’t sidetracked too much with the ones we have talked about already.  So, Let’s broaden the spectrum a little bit.

While studying and researching this sermon series has been brutal!  As soon as I feel like I have a grasp on it, it see slivers of superstition rooting itself all through our society.  It is like a spider web sneaking across all parts of our lives.

Many unmerited beliefs are classified as “false religions”.   We recognize some of these superstitious things as other religions.  Some we would classify as witchcraft, weird, strange.

However, where it affects our congregation and San Marcos is where the influence of these belief systems have been integrated into the Christian church.

Throughout the centuries, people have taken the message of Jesus and allowed:

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