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Easter Sermon Mindmap

After, I have prayed, researched, and prepped all my notes for a particular sermon I then draw pictures and link all the parts visually to help me retain the information.  I also draw a lot during the early stages of preparation to help visualize the concepts.  Here is the ‘map’ I ended up with for my Easter sermon.

I start writing in the top left and then go clockwise in a circle.  Follow the line of thought around and end up in the center. Research has shown that our mind retains more information when we study something in this clockwise motion. Don’t ask me why. It works.


Thoughts on Colossians 4:2-6

Please read Colossians 4:2-6.  It’s  only 5 verses!  This will be the ‘text’ for PromiseLand San Marcos weekend services on Aug 1.

As you read, think about these concepts:

  • are my prayers resolute/firm/unwavering/steadfast?
  • are my prayers alert/watchful/vigilant/ready?
  • are my prayers thankful/with gratitude?
  • what doors are needed in my life that only God can open? Read the rest of this entry
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