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My Thoughts on Kennady Being Thankful

Here is a clip of me speaking on Kennady’s ability to be Thankful in the midst of a debilitating disease.



I snow skied in Texas

Finding a Safe Place

When watching the scenes of Egypt on television, it breaks my heart to see the turmoil and despair.  The temperatures in central Texas right now are lower than they have been in years.  Snow is predicted in the forecast.  When I arrive at a destination, I run out of my truck and am so thankful for warm shelter.  The last few days, I have been so grateful for a country that has so much peace and physical shelter.  There are multiple places to find safety.  There is not an absence of destruction in America, however, there seems to be places to find shelter when needed.

But, what about a safe place from the fear of failure, job insecurity, broken hearts, unknown future, rejection of peers, the list goes on and on?  To me, it seems like Americans’ biggest fear is the fear of others thinking negatively of us.  So many of us are bound to the opinions of others and ‘what if I fail, what will they think’.  Most of us are not concerned that we won’t have shelter in the cold weather or that we won’t have enough to eat tomorrow.  We have been blessed so richly in our ‘needs’, that now the devil’s playground is our ‘wants’.  What if we lose our ‘wants’.  We want to be accepted, we want to be comfortable, we want to be well off, we want to be the biggest and best, we want to be better than…,

What is worse? Someone worrying about not having enough food and clean water to survive OR someone worrying that they will not be able to pay the mortgage this month?

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Cold Call Evangelism

I’m trying to think if there is a scriptural reference to cold call evangelism.

A “Cold Call” is a term used in sales when you go up to someone or call them and offer (try hard to sell) your product.  You don’t know them AND they have expressed NO interest in buying your product.

To my knowledge every conversion in the Bible happened 3 ways:

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2010 List

Monday, a couple of the guys on our staff and I started listing all the blessings, miracles, projects, landmarks, etc at PromiseLand San Marcos in 2010.  Here is a graphic of that list.  Did we leave anything out?  I will be discussing this material in our new sermon mini-series called THANK GOD.  It starts this week.

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