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2010 List

Monday, a couple of the guys on our staff and I started listing all the blessings, miracles, projects, landmarks, etc at PromiseLand San Marcos in 2010.  Here is a graphic of that list.  Did we leave anything out?  I will be discussing this material in our new sermon mini-series called THANK GOD.  It starts this week.


Oil and Holy Spirit

This weekend’s message is titled, “Oil Change” and it pertains to the Holy Spirit in our lives.  In my research, I came across this idea of oil representing the Holy Spirit.  Of course we have all heard that, but this is a little deeper/different perspective.  Let me know your thoughts.


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Tree of Life Thoughts

Last night we joined with Tree of Life in New Braunfels for a time of worship.  I believe it is time to agree and accept brothers and sisters, friends, and family.  If you did not hear the message last night, you will not understand thoroughly where I am coming from.  Looking for ways of agreement and focusing on Jesus Christ creates a powerful place for God to move.  It is a new venue for God in our lives that simply does not exist until we join together in unity.  We should not focus on our individual skills as much as fostering ways to unite, be in harmony and accord.  All of our excuses or reasons (valid or not) will be resolved when we surrender our pride.  Will we agree on every issue before there is unity?  Will we understand all doctrine and know the intricacies of each others past?  What are the prerequisites?  There are obviously some things that we will never compromise or associate with.  However, I feel like we error on the wrong side of agreement way too often and lack the faith it takes to allow God to move.  Our fear of ‘what if..’  What if we are contaminated?  What if people think we support their sin?  What if we compromise?  What if we fail God?

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