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Who I Vote For

Here is a video explaining why I vote the way I do.



Tony Morgan Coaching

Here is a blog from my new friend…Jason Vernon.  What a great experience we had.

An Inside Look at Tony Morgan’s Coaching Network

Once a month, for the past 6 months, I have enjoyed learning from some great pastors. The coaching network was outstanding! As advertised, we prayed together, read books together, learned leadership principles and had many great times of connection. I have to say that I learned something from everyone in our group.  Here are a few of my takeaways:

#1  Robin taught me how to be a humble leader. Robin started a church that has grown to nearly 1,000 people. His church just built a beautiful worship center and his ministry is growing at a rapid pace. Despite these great accomplishments, Robin always acted interested in what we were doing at RTPCC.  He looked at our website and constantly gave me advice and encouragement.

#2  TJ taught me how to lead with insane passion and determination.  He was up at 3AM this past Sunday getting ready for his service.  The guy is full throttle all the time.  He honestly reminds me of my wife when she drinks sweet tea.  I wish I had half of his energy and passion.

#3  Doug Vernon (yes we have decided that we are cousins) taught me the importance of slowing down and enjoying life. Doug is so wise and he always seems to know the right thing to say.

#4  Danny taught me the importance of always staying hungry for more insight and knowledge. He recorded nearly every discussion and I watched him constantly taking notes.

#5  Chris taught me the importance of contemplation. The guy thinks about God all the time. We will be right in the middle of a strategy discussion and he will suddenly come up with an awesome thought that he had about Jesus.  Watching him encouraged me to grow deeper in Christ.

#6  Scott taught me how to be a kind pastor (at least i’m trying to learn how).  He always made time to listen. You can see the compassion of Christ in his life.

#7  Tony P. taught me the importance of vision. I am amazed by everything that is happening in his local church.

#8  Thomas reminded me of the importance of prayer. I can tell, this man prays ALL THE TIME. He seems to have a close connection with God.  I really see the love of Christ in His life.

#9  Emily Morgan and Tony’s kids.  In addition to leadership training, I was able to get a close up view of a great family. This family does not just slap up instagram pictures of their kids.  You can watch the love of Christ in all that they do.  Emily was an OUTSTANDING host. She even took time out of her busy schedule to talk to my wife (Casey).  I am encouraged every time I am around these guys.

#10 Tony Morgan. What a great job of coaching! My biggest takeaway from the experience was learning about mission, vision and core values. I felt “stuck” in these areas but now I feel like I can lead with clarity and focus.

I would like to thank RTPCC for making it possible for me to attend the coaching network. I hope it has made me a better pastor.  I highly recommend the experience to any pastor or Christian leader.


Paul Tweeted About Bad Stuff Too

This is an article I wrote for the Destiny’s Magazine

Paul Tweeted About Bad Stuff Too.

I go to conferences, follow high profile ministers on twitter and Facebook, read blogs, and see folks on TV.  Yet most of them only give me status updates on the miracles and places where God shows up.  Every time I hear from them, it is revival!  As much as I want to say it is always encouraging…it is not.  The problem is that it doesn’t represent real life.  When I look to my life and the ebbs and flows of ministry, there are so many more challenges and simply ordinary scenarios.

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Nigeria Oct12

I am typing on horrible computer. \please excuse typos…

Today, was our first full day in Nigeria.  We ate a semi-American breakfast at the hotel (very nice place to stay).  Then, we hired a car and driver (about $10/hour)to take us to Pastor Ani.  The roads are horribly crowded and some have potholes 4 feet wide and 1 ft deep. 

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Mike Weaver Update

One of my good friends and cohorts in ministry took a BIG fall about a week and a half ago.  Mike Weaver started out at PromiseLand Central and now pastors a thriving church in Harper, TX.   He has been a lifelong friend and mentor to me.  In fact, he showed up with his parents to visit me when I was born. (I won’t tell you how old he was but he was young!)

All his life he has loved rodeo and it is a huge part of his ‘cowboy church’ in Harper.  In fact the name of the ministry is “Wild Ride Ministries”.  He lived up to the name 9 days ago when we was riding a bull and was thrown to the ground.  After he landed, the bull  pounced on top of him and for 30-45 continued to jump, kick, and toss Mike around.  The rodeo clowns were trying hard to distract and pull the bull off of Mike.    Finally, the bull moved on and Mike bounced up and ran out of the corral.  He was holding his ear in pain and knew that the situation was not good.  When he reached the side, EMTs met him and began to treat his injuries.  Within moments they assessed that the injury was severe to his ear and called for a helicopter transport to San Antonio’s University Hospital.

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