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Stats on PSM Generosity 2012

Here are some raw stats about the financial giving at PSM this year. (as of 11/1/12)

There were 792 “giving units”.  Most of these could be considered households, however, it is possible for there to be more than one giving unit per household if people want to keep their giving records separate (ex- each kid gives separate from parents).

514 gave less than $200 this year

142 gave between $200 – $1000

101 gave between $1000 – $5000

22 gave between $5000 – $10,000

13 gave over $10,000


Should it Hurt to Give Money to God?

PromiseLand’s Online Giving Website

Giving money to God often hurts.

We make a conscious decision to take money that we would normally spend on something else, invest, or save and give it to our local church.  It can sound like a great decision on Sunday morning when the preacher lays out the scripture and vision of the local ministry.  However, the truth is that later in the week or month, you will FEEL THE BURN.
When you look at your bank account online and see that there is a significant amount of money “missing”, your mind begins to struggle.  This is normal.  We often feel the weight of any investment.  Any sacrifice whether it is physically working out, ‘doing the right thing’ with a relationship, or exerting time to study for a test will at some point be really tough to walk through.  A pressure point.  Tension. Questions…should I have really done that?

I’m not talking about giving God a tip.  When we give God a minimal amount that is not a sacrifice or significant to our overall income, it does not take faith.  In fact, you need minimal motivation (and no scripture) to make this type of contribution.  We can put a litte in the offering and in the back of  our minds,  think “if this doesn’t work or if they don’t spend it correctly, then it doesn’t really matter.  There is no real loss to me.”

Because of the Old Testament standard, we often use 10% as a guide today.  Giving the first 10% of our income to God immediately gives us a different viewpoint of God and our money.  All of the sudden we are relying on God.  We are believing that when we start ‘feeling the burn’ of missing finances, that His grace is sufficient.  He will carry us with our remaining 90% better than we could have handled 100% by ourselves.  Not only will God deal with us individually (in a positive way) because of our personal commitment to him through sacrifice, but our local church will have financial resources to reach others.




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