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Are you a Disciple?

Yesterday, we explored the concept of being a disciple of Jesus. What does that look like? What does that mean?  Last night, my dad came on stage with me to discuss the sermon with our Sunday night service.  He told us about a list he came up with to ‘check himself’.  These 6 questions, are a way to take a spiritual inventory.  I thought I would pass them along to you.  Wow, they are very revealing to your intent and motives.  They are inspired by Matthew 7.

Are you doing the will of the Father?  Here is a check list to find out:

  1. Do you eagerly anticipate reading the Word and connecting in prayer with God?
  2. What do you daydream and worry about?
  3. Do you know more about sports (or other social interest) than you do about scripture?
  4. What are your goals and ambitions?
  5. Do you look to your job for security and self worth?
  6. Do you dress and act to attract attention to yourself, or to God?
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