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All In | Week One | Sermon Notes

ALL IN | Week One

We are going All In!  I’m so glad you are here this morning, watching or listening online.  We welcome you to PromiseLand San Marcos!

I have to admit one of my favorite games to play is Texas Hold ‘Em.  I don’t go to Vegas or play with real money, but some guys get together from time to time and we have fun around the table.  There comes a point in the game when your chips are down and you have a good hand or you are reading others a certain way. You know the time has come for you to take both hands and shove the entire sum of chips into the center of the table and say, “I’m All In”.  You are betting everything on one hand.

I’m here to propose that you go all in on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Maybe you have been playing other hands trying to get ahead. Your stress goes up and down, your energy goes up and down. You try different methods to bring you comfort or rest.

Instead of dabbling in church or trying your hand, it would do you a lot of good  (It would do your livelihood, your family, your health a whole lot of good) to go ALL IN with the one who made it ALL.

We have a wide spectrum of folks here today.

  • Maybe you are like Abe and Jennifer when they made their first trip to PSM.
  • Or maybe you have been kicking the tires for the last few weeks or months.
  • Many have taken a step of faith to trust in Jesus for salvation!
  • We have about 50 people that have gone through 101 in the last 3 months! Joined PSM. (that’s happening again today)
  • Several hundred people are committed followers of Jesus and your lives are reflecting him in everyday life.
  • Then there are some who are the anchors of faith in our congregation who have been following Jesus for several decades.

What a GREAT group of people here at PromiseLand San Marcos!

We just want you all to know that no matter where you are in your journey with God, that there is something in this message for you.

It is the same message for everyone BUT It will HIT everyone a little different.

The application to everyone is different depending on where your life is.

Give me a few minutes here and I will clarify a bit.

In the 16th Century, a renaissance astronomer: Nicolas Copernicus- rocked the world with his discovery.  He stated we had a round earth (instead of flat) and that it rotated around the sun. Instead of everything revolving around the earth, the earth revolved around the sun.  It turned the universe inside out.

WE all need the same revolution TODAY.  We think that the world revolves around us.

We are born with everyone serving us. Spoon fed and diaper changed. As if the world exists to meet our every need.

If you are 2 months old, that is ok. If you are 32, that is a problem.

We put OUR desires and plans above everything else.

Even when most people confess their faith in God, we think we are following Jesus, but the reality is that most have invited Jesus to follow them.

We want Jesus to go right behind us. We want him to do our will and serve our purpose.

What would give you your “Copernicus moment”?

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