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SHAPE Examples


On Sunday, I preached about the power of living in spiritual SHAPE.  Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experience.  If you missed it, you can get the audio version or the video version online by Tuesday.   If you need the link to take the Spiritual Gifts or Personality Survey click here.

I asked the church staff to send me their SHAPE profiles.  I want to share with you some of their responses so that you can see examples. Please feel free to share yours and allow us all in on the process.  I will start with mine.  I hope this helps,



SPIRITUAL GIFTS:  Wisdom: STRONG    Prophecy: WEAK     Teaching: STRONG    Leadership: WEAK   

HEART:  Organizing and Promoting, Seeing the light go on for people (teaching/preaching/discipleship), Adventure/Outdoors(hunting, fishing, biking, skiing), being a husband and dad, Spanish speaking people groups

ABILITIES:  Listening, structure/planning, spreadsheets/calculations, presentations, graphic design, public speaking, video production, marketing

PERSONALITY:  Conscientiousness VERY STRONG, Steadiness STRONG  (DISC test)

EXPERIENCE:  BBA Marketing, 22 years of Church leadership/staff, 13 years of Senior pastoring, ski instructor, soccer coach certificate,


  • preach and teach the church
  • organize and promote functions
  • produce graphics, videos, correspondence
  • help with the organization of church business issues. 
  • one-on-one disciple through my marriage, fathering, staff, prayer group, mountain biking and fishing trips
  • Working on gift of prophecy during prayer after service and during one-on-one conversations.  
  • Sharing dreams God gives me with people that are in reference to.
  • Go on annual trips to countries with Spanish speakers


Spiritual Gifts: Prophecy: STRONG, Mercy: WEAK, Wisdom: STRONG, Apostleship: WEAK

HEART: Discerning and Elaboration when God speaks. Hearing the voice of God and then seeing it unfold in the body of Christ or in the lives of those around me. Encouraging and Teaching on hearing the voice of God.

ABILITIES: Organization and Detail Orientation. I strive for excellence in the job I do. Recognize undiscovered TALENT. Leading people in their self-discovery of gifts and talents. I see the body as a whole with the intricate pieces joined together.  Detail oriented to a near OCD level of consciousness.

PERSONALITY: Influential Very Strong, Steady & Analytical

EXPERIENCE: Forty years in leadership positons with dozens to hundreds in my sphere of influence. I identify talents and build teams based not upon job descriptions but upon their innate talent. Teach people to focus on what they do well while managing the opportunities in their life or performance.


  • Oversee the church operations.
  • Organize and Develop Ministry Leaders by their Talents
  • Train and Encourage coworkers in the business aspects of their ministries.
  • Focus on what God is speaking to me in prayer and prophecy.
  • Sharing the visions and words that God gives me.
  • Develop leaders in our small group.
  • Participate and Serve in the Outreach Ministries I oversee.
  • I make a concerted and conscious effort to encourage all of our nine children and numerous grandchildren in a personal and individual way. I want them to all understand how amazingly unique, talented and gifted that God made them.


SPIRITUAL GIFTS  Top 3 (strongest): Knowledge, Craftsmanship, Music/Worship  Bottom 3 (weakest): Apostleship, Evangelism, Missionary

Learning (to benefit myself and others), Explaining (helping people understand something I know about that would help them),

Music creation (piano and singing), Songwriting (seeing people reflect on and respond to something I wrote)

Music (piano, voice, theory, rhythm, songwriting), Language Arts (writing, vocabulary, spelling, poetry, reading), Study, Organization,

“C” – Conscientiousness, highest possible score; “D” – Dominance is a distant 2nd, introverted, thinker, sensitive

BA Biblical Studies, BA Church Music, Piano and Voice Instruction, Bible College Professor and Assistant Admin., 28 years in worship ministry,  10 years in church leadership, piano tuner & technician


– choose and sequence worship songs by their lyric content (Biblically sound, concept, understandable) and musical traits (key, meter, tempo)

– organize worship teams with great detail (strengths of each member relative to each other and the music)

– coach and mentor individuals in spiritual and musical areas

– keep the stage clean and practice times organized and focussed

– answer questions about the Bible and teaching others how to study it more effectively 

– attention to detail in song lyrics; their meaning, phrasing, delivery, and how a subtle nuance can speak to the hearer

– answer questions about anything I can if it helps someone


SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Hospitality: STRONG  Leadership: STRONG  Service: STRONG  Discernment: WEAK  Prophecy: WEAK  Helps: WEAK

HEART: Entertaining and connecting.  Getting people connected and inviting them into my inter world. Keeping the family connected. Being a daughter, mom, grandma & Great grandparent

ABILITIES: Listening, Communication, Accounting, Public Relations

PERSONALITY:  Rule Follower, Compliant, Competent, Task Oriented, and People Oriented (DISC)

EXPERIENCE:  BA Business & Banking, 14 years experience in marketing, 29 year experience in financial services and regulatory compliance, business owner


  • host groups and connect others 
  • lead community activities 
  • teach financial classes to community and family
  • guide family in business ventures
  • one-on-one discipleship with ladies for personal growth
  • Working on being able to discern falsehood, and engage the prophecy ability to speak and bring clarity to scriptural study.


SPIRITUAL GIFTS:  Leadership: STRONG   Mercy: WEAK   Evangelism: STRONG   Pastor: WEAK

The Church. Leading people from Point A to Point B. Getting my hands dirty and showing people who Jesus really is. Being able to reach this generation and the next who are fast loosing even the memory of the gospel. Being the best husband and father I can be. Sports. Deer Hunting. Games. Food. Design.

Making connections with people that are below surface level. Communicating on both a one on one level as well as large rooms. Creativity, lighting design, graphic design, video production.

Dominant VERY STRONG.  Supportive STRONG.

The Actor’s School Certificate (NYC), 10 years of theatre and film acting and production, 7 years church/leadership staff, US Soccer certified coach


-Preach and teach the next generation of the church.

-Have regular conversations with people that are outside of the church.

-Organize events and services.

-Regular listener to church leadership podcast.

-Regular online attender of several churches around the country.

-Produce graphics, video and creative elements for services.

-Constantly working on being a better husband and father by asking questions of those with successful  experience.

-Stage design for the church. 

-Working on being a better shepherd through the one on one teaching opportunities with the students.

-Working on being a leader who creates other leaders with the key volunteers of the student ministry.


Spiritual Gifts:   Administration: Strong    Intercession: Weak – I feel like I would love to be able to tap into this but I am allowing my fear of people hold me back.    Mercy: Strong      Faith was a 9.. Medium- I have been realizing my weaknesses during this fast.

Heart:   Being a mom and wife.  Right now I am trying to really honestly grasp who I am. Trust that I am really truly a child of God who is fully capable of overcoming what I feel has been holding me back all my life.  My heart is to reach families like mine who are lost and unsaved.  I feel pain when I see them in our building and they are just going thru the motions.  It means so much to me that we are in a position to just be able to plant seeds even without seen the end result.  

Abilities:   Listening, waiting, being quiet when I need to be. I have a gift of being able to remain calm when others can’t. Except when I need it!   I can organize, plan and love making lists.  Fairly good with computers and can be artsy and creative with kids crafts.  Patient with kids and strong willed adults. I have realized that I have done a really good job of being able to stay connected to over 89 teachers and know their name, staying good contact with them and know a little about what is going on with them so when I see them I am able to make a connection and ask them about something personal.  

Personality:   Determined, problem solver, bossy, can worry more about the problem than the people. Try to be a motivator and cheery.  DISC is D/C 

Experience: Some nursing school before I quit at the request of God to sit and be still! Mom- .. Church staff 3 years, been serving in kids ministry for 6 years. 


  • teach in Sunday School
  • create lessons for classes
  • help teachers in their every day life
  • stay connected to each teacher as much as possible thru email, cards or text.- try to make one on one connections and real life conversations
  • find ways to connect with new families every Sunday
  • try and educate/read the bible daily/weekly to become closer to God’s word so that I am ready and able to hear him when he speaks to me.
  • Promote our classes online- get parents more involved in what we do
  • love people more  

New You Resolution Day 21

new-you-mainThis is not the end.  It is the beginning.

Most of us have been focusing our prayer, scripture reading, and fasting over the last 21 days.  We are focusing it on our personal consecration to God.  We want to hear God clearly and distinctly.  We want TO BE the person He originally created for us to be.  Today, is the last day of the 21 day fast.

However, it is the beginning of living a ‘new normal’.  From this day, we will live in a new flow of life.  I highly encourage you all to pick a day a week or a day a month to fast throughout 2017.  Make time every day to read your scripture and speak to God.  Dedicate your week to God by making church on Sunday a priority.  Before you get paid each cycle, set a certain percentage aside for God.  Find other people that you can connect to on a regular basis about prayer and life.

Living in this discipline will sow thousands of fruit-bearing seeds in your life.  It will change the atmosphere of each day.  It will tip the balance in your favor.  It will influence your family, co-workers, neighbors, and everyone else you are around.

Sunday, we will be giving you the tools to find your specific ministry.  We will help you see how you can make it fit into several different spots in your life.  Living in this calling will bring fulfillment beyond anything else the world can provide.

Let’s do this!


New You Resolution Day 19

voiceToday, I received a powerful email from a young man in our congregation. He told me all about his journey over the last 19 days.  So many ups and downs and challenges and victories.

He brought up a good point.  At first, the fast seemed like it wasn’t doing anything. It was too minor and there wasn’t really a struggle or sacrifice.  Then, he increased his level of fasting to include many other things and everything begin to shift.

As I read it, something dawned on me.  The fast was working even when it was a ‘minor fast’.  When he felt the conviction of needing to increase the fast…that was God talking to Him!  That was the beginning of the messages that he would receive over the next 18 days.  He had a chance right then to obey the voice of God and increase the level of the fast or disobey God and continue the way he started (or give up all together).

The main point to all this is that God’s voice is a…still, small voice.  It whispers direction to us. It is so sensitive.  It often sounds like our own internal voice.  When we fast and pray, we start discern that voice and recognize that it is truly God speaking and not simply.

1 Kings 19:11-13 And he said, “Go out and stand on the mount before the Lord.” And behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind tore the mountains and broke in pieces the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. And after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. 12And after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire the sound of a low whisper. 13And when Elijah heard it, he wrapped his face in his cloak and went out and stood at the entrance of the cave. And behold, there came a voice to him and said, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” 

This tells of our Elijah received the convicting/correcting voice of God.  It wasn’t in the BIG things of life. It was in the low whisper.  Prayer and Fasting removes our distraction so we can hear the still small whisper.  Learn his voice. Listen for His voice. When you hear it, Respond to his voice.  Then, follow after his voice.  When this happens it makes all the effort and discipline seem like nothing at all. It rewards far beyond anything we fasted from.

All for now,


New You Resolution Day 17

Fasting confession: Erica and I got into a heated argument on Sunday night.  We both were not seeing the other perspective.  It took a good hour to work through the situation and come to reconciliation.  The peace at the end was sweet and sincere.  However, the pre-peace atmosphere was quite rough.

How strange?  It was Sunday. We have had a wonderful church experience.  We were praying and fasting.  We were tempted to be selfish and we bit the bait.  😦

Jesus was tempted during his wilderness/fasting experience in Matthew chapter 4.  However, Jesus was perfect in the test.  He flawlessly quoted scripture to ward off the devil’s deception.  In February, our sermon series will be diving into this specific topic of temptation.  Look over that chapter if you get a chance.  It will be a powerful study on the three types of temptation.  When we consider how we are tempted today, our temptation generally goes back to one of the same three that Jesus faced.  Temptation to satisfy our Appetite, Acceptance, and Ambition.

How is your fast going? The church-wide fast will conclude Saturday night.  Sunday, will be quite special. Come expecting a great day.

All for now,


New You Resolution Day 16

It’s Monday!

I am still feeling the momentum from Saturday and Sunday.  It was amazing to join with over a 100 guys on Saturday morning, hang out, eat breakfast, and hear Ted’s story.  I have to admit that it was odd to be fasting and preparing breakfast. I ate part of the breakfast and avoided part of it.  Other than that, it was smooth sailing.  I was stunned at how many strangers were at church on Saturday and Sunday.  Ted really drew in a slew of guests.  There were some amazing stories of God touching the hearts of men AND women.

In my devotional Bible reading, I can’t get out of Matthew chapter 13.  I read it each morning and chew on each part.  Today, I was locked into verses 44-46.  I want those verses to be lived out in my life.  I also read a lot of the Bible for sermon preparation each week.  This reading is all over the place and is a slightly different type of study.  Today, I am starting to dig into the message for this coming Sunday.

What have you been reading lately? What is God telling you?

I have switched my fast this final week.  I have switched meat with carbs.  So I am fasting from most carbs. I am continuing to eat veggies, fruit, and minimal amounts of brown rice or sweet potato.  I am not eating sugar, bread, chips (this is the BIGGEST for me), pasta, oats (this is also BIG for me), etc.

It still amazes me how a limited fast like this is a struggle.   We went to Jason’s Deli after church yesterday.  I can fill up on a salad and still be upset that I didn’t eat a cracker or bread or ice cream.  God speak to me!!

If you haven’t fasted yet…JUMP IN this week!  Even fasting for one day produces results in your life.  In fact, I encourage everyone to continually fast throughout 2017: once a week or once a month.

love ya’ll!


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