Pentecostal Temple

Friday night, I have been asked to preach at a Worship Conference hosted by Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ.

My friend Wayne Thompson and his father lead this great church. The interesting thing is that their church building is too small to host the event so they are moving down the street to Jackson Chapel United Methodist Church (on Centre Street). For those of you that are new, that is the building our church was birthed in.

We met at Jackson Chapel for 4 months on Friday nights, and we “had church”. The building really did rock back and forth. It will be exciting to go back to that place for a revival night service.

Join me if you are open to it. I know many of the women are going to our church for a special event. You won’t want to miss that ladies. So, I guess I am plugging for men to come and help me out. It starts at 7pm.


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Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at

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  1. I want to go friday night.!!! the first time I heard about PSM, I got a call from my niece when i was still in alaska saying you have got to go to this church aunt aunt when you move down.
    So I would like to go where it all began.
    Will be praying for the ones who go with you Pastor. Hoping to get there even if Iam late.

  2. Thats aunt nell not aunt aunt..sorry
    Going to the service is like Take me back Lord to where it all began!
    I love being taken to that place when God first found and saved me with his holy ghost.
    over and over again.

  3. I won’t be able to go
    You will represent God well!

  4. Every time I hear the word “pentecostal” I am brought straight back to my first love experience with God. When He revealed who He was and how much I needed Him, He directed my steps to a pentecostal church. I have no idea what was preached, I waited (and not too patiently) for the time when I could go down to the altar. I had never been to any church with an “altar call” before, I was so lead of Jesus on what to do and when to do it. He had horses’ blinders on me and all I saw was Him and how close I needed to be to be safe. I was baptized that night in His name and came up out of the water full of His Holy Ghost. There is something special about the word “pentecostal” for me. Even now, as I type, I have tears in my eyes, the boys are quiet and peaceful and I feel Him loving me. He is a tender, kind, mighty and everlasting King and Savior.
    Yes, I realize, this has nothing to do with going to an event, other than, I was beckoned by Jesus to an event back in 1987 and am so glad I accepted the invitation and went.

  5. I.m torn Pastor between going to Jackson Chapel or coming to the women’s event. I have never been in the church were PSM started and would love to see it but……I guess we will have to wait and see.

  6. Pastor, I am trying to arrange child care for AJ since Karen is going to the Ladies worship at the church. If I can get him taken care of I wil be there with you. I look forward to see where it all started.

  7. Hmmm I wan to go to where si this church at???? I guess I could just ask Grandmommie? sounds like iys going to be a GREAT TIME!!!!

  8. woody, the question you need to be asking yourself is…who am I taking out on a date?
    My mom, my sister, my “friend”, my pastor..
    because you entered the 1000th comment!!!!

    I need to figure out something for Lora, she entered about 18 comments in hopes of winning the prize. any ideas?

  9. Congulations Woody.
    Ann I love what you wrote, I to have a special place for thats where it all began for me many years ago at a pentecostal church in Fort Worth. At a tent revival when I was 8 years old. God baptised me with the Holy Ghost, and even tho I walked away from God for a few years, I never forgot the teachings I was taught . Today iam so thankful for the praying momma who took us kids to that little ole church on the hill.
    Ann I got some of those tears also.

  10. Wow, I wish we had known about this. The Thompson’s are incredible people….my parent’s nieghbors. Pastor Thompson found out I was single a few years ago and asked if he could stop by and pray for me when I was in town. So the next time I came into town from Mobile, Alabama, he came by for a visit. It was Christmas time and Jenny and John arrive while he was visiting. They told him they had been praying to have a baby. He asked them what they wanted, a boy or a girl. They said either so long as it was healthy. He asked again and John said, he would like a boy. So he prayed. By Thanksgiving of the following year, Jenny and John were expecting (this is after 5 years of trying to concieve). And a few years later, pastor Thompson participated in our wedding. Pastor Thompson can definately “pray the fire down” (as Dennis says).

  11. yay,i so happy.and for who am i gonna take to eat,i will take my mom out to eat..thanks pastor.i have an idea pastor.i will share half my prize with lora.the lord has been so good to me.his love is so awesome.

  12. I wish that I could be there but alas HobbyLobby needs me…….I have told bro. Thompson so many times that i will bring Bryan and the girls to a service of his but never have been able to pull away from Promiseland to do it! đŸ™‚ I am sure to hear about it though the next time he is in Walmart, he is my favorite customer! A true man of God that just oozes HIS LOVE!

  13. OK, in the future our calendar must be more organized OR we will have women revolting next time. I would love to be there, as well. It was a great place back 5 years ago.
    As far as the prize, keep trying Lora you’ll win one of these days, I’m sure.
    Congrats, Woody!!!
    These are such wonderful entries in this blog. God is good, and I know he will be moving on Friday night!!!!

  14. I’m not sure if everyone knows that “cbgrace” is my sister, Casey. I wanted to add to her comments about Bro. Thompson.

    He has prayed so many prayers with our family. He’s an awesome, powerful prayer warrior. He prayed with my mom about her work schedule and she saw results in a very short time. He also prayed with me and Mark about having another baby. We tried for 3 years with the baby that I’m carrying now.

    I thank God for Bro. Thompson and his family. They are a big blessing to ours.

    p.s. That Wayne can sing!!

  15. FYI——Bill, Karen can bring AJ to the ladies’ meeting. There is child care. Please call Judy Dean and let her know if he is coming so she can let the right person know. They have a count going of all children coming.

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