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Nigeria Oct19

Today was fantastic. We adopted another village church gave away a motorcycle and saw a pastor climb a palm tree.
I typed a long report on my ipad, but the hotel has no internet. So I am hen pecking on my blackberry. I will try to post full report toMorrow. Sorry for typos.
Tomorrow we board plane for America. I miss my family so much, the church, and modern convenience. But will miss africa.

Nigeria Oct18

Today was the best yet. However, I can’t give you much update because the Internet is so horrible here. I was hoping to send a video today, but that won’t happen yet.

We traveled to the village area. We had a great service in the middle of the day. A tuesday! But it’s a village and there isn’t much else to do. We officially adopted the main church and they asked to be renamed to PromiseLand church. They were so excited to be connected with us. I got a video of them greeting our church. You will love that. We then went to the river and baptized. Many folks. I can’t see what I am typing right ow. So I’m sure there are many mistakes.
After that we went to another village. This village was so primitive that cars never go there. Our car straddled a small motorcycle trail and we barley made it there. We met very kind people. Their village has no electricity, no generators, no running water. They have to walk 2 miles for running water. Wow. More to come later..
Love y’all,

Nigeria Oct17

Today, everything changed. We left Lagos at 8am and flew to Enugu. From there we traveled 2 hours to our next hotel. It was a totally different level of hotel. It’s a bit rougher. We are at the best hotel in the town a “resort”. It’s $65 a night.

After we put our bags down and had lunch we headed to our first village. It was a one hour drive into the woods. The land is jungle-type rolling hills. We drove through several villages. People walking everywhere. We drove up to a small mud church building probably 50′ by 20′. Inside was PACKED, every square inch with people. They were singing loud and dancing as much as they could in the tight space. They had been waiting in the building for 4 hours for us to get there. Some people had walked up to 12 miles to get there. It was such a culture shock, it was difficult to know what to say. They were so inquisitive. After it was over we took a group pic. Tomorrow we will go to several villages and baptize in the river. I’m not getting in the water. I will be supporting from the side!! Amen!
I hope to have a video update tomorrow.


Nigeria Oct16

Thankfully, the rain stopped early last night and all the water subsided by the morning.  We had the best traffic today (Sunday).  However, we were amazed at how many people were walking and riding buses to church.  Almost everyone we saw on the roads (lots of people) were dressed for church and were carrying Bibles.  The drivers are extrememly aggressive. NEVER letting people in, cutting off, going the wrong way, ignoring pedestrians and cyclists.  However, on Sunday it seemed people had a more relaxed attitude.

We arrived at church around 9:30am and it had been going about an hour by the time we got there.  There were several special songs and dances performed by different groups.  They have adapted their tribal dances into worship songs.  It was amazing to see how they moved.  My dad thought they were going to break something on their body.  There was a lot of shakin going on!

I preached on Ruth and Naomi.  The topic was our ‘influence onthe unbeliever’.  After the message, I prayed and anointed many folks.  At the conclusion I asked them all to surround me and pray for a me.  WOW, that was a great moment.  I will never forget that.

Tomorrow, we leave the hotel at 6am and go to the airport. We plan to fly to another town and then travel 1.5 hours by car to yet another town.  We will spend the night there.  The next two days we will travel to villages and minister to them.  At one point we drive to a village and then get on motorcycles and travel further beyond the roads.  That sounds wild and scary.  I am praying for a message from God.  I have never spoken to people that primitive and will need direction on how it should go.  Thank you for praying.  We have been told that they are so poor that many of the kids have no clothes.  The adults are not paid because there are no jobs.  Everyone has their own farm and is self sustaining.  I will have much more info after that trip.  I do not know if there will be internet connection at our next stop and not sure my cell phone will have coverage.

I love you all and miss you.  I watched some of today at the hotel and was blessed when I heard Pastor Rudy pray for us.




Nigeria Oct15

Today, started like the others.  We had a great session this morning with pastors.  At the end, we had each record a short session on video explaining where they pastor and what their vision is.  We plan on linking them with other churches in the US as prayer partners.  They have been so appreciative.  Great hearts!  One 65 year old pastor rode 12 hours on a bus to attend this conference.

As we left the church this morning it started Read the rest of this entry

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