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Response to the 2012 Election

This morning, I woke up to the results of yesterday’s elections.  Several of the people I voted for were elected.  Several were not.

I was really hoping a miracle would happen and Susan Narvaiz would win against Lloyd Doggett.  She is a personal friend and would be a great in the US Congress.  As my video stated, I voted Republican in the Presidential race.  It was so very close.

My thoughts on where we go from here:

1. Whether your candidate won or lost, relax in the fact that God is in control.  Probably one of the most dangerous things for a Christian is for their candidate to win. Makes it easy to put faith in the wrong spot.

2. Humble ourselves.  Pray for our leaders.

3. Speak out on issues that are important to you. Get involved where necessary.

4. BE the change that we often want others to be.  Live the gospel.

5.  Study this text

Romans 13:1 Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. 2 So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished. 3 For the authorities do not strike fear in people who are doing right, but in those who are doing wrong. Would you like to live without fear of the authorities? Do what is right, and they will honor you. 4 The authorities are God’s servants, sent for your good. But if you are doing wrong, of course you should be afraid, for they have the power to punish you. They are God’s servants, sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do what is wrong. 5 So you must submit to them, not only to avoid punishment, but also to keep a clear conscience.

6 Pay your taxes, too, for these same reasons. For government workers need to be paid. They are serving God in what they do. 7Give to everyone what you owe them: Pay your taxes and government fees to those who collect them, and give respect and honor to those who are in authority.


Here are precincts for Hays


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