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Justice is Coming | Sermon Notes

manmonth2015_sermon_mainYou can listen to the podcast of this message by clicking here.

We started the message with a clip from Tombstone (movie).

These western movies scratch an itch for us. They show us gross injustice followed up by a person that brings swift punishment and vindication for all.

  • No one likes a bully
  • Young, arrogant punk needs to be set straight.
  • Old, bitter abuser needs to be dealt with.
  • The womanizer, the scammer, shoddy business man, the shoplifter.

We as humans love to see Justice dealt. We love firm, swift, effective Justice being served. Punishment for those deserving it. Blessings to those deserving it.

It makes us feel right and complete. When there is injustice around us, we often feel incomplete.  It just doesn’t seem right.  They need to be stopped. They need to be taught a lesson. They need to be punished.  The victims need to be vindicated. Justice needs to be served. BUT HOW? WHO?

What injustice have you personally experienced? Who has done you wrong? Who has taken advantage of your kindness, your resources, your life? Who owes you?

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