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Direction and Humor

The book I am writing focuses on overcoming adversity, learning to dance in the rain, and being prepared for life challenges.  It will center around the story of my family and Kennady; our daughter born with many special needs.  I write about how we move through difficult times and how life was set up or prepared for it.

While preparing to write and getting the concept prepared, I am running into a bit of a challenge.  The topic is obviously serious and difficult to wade through.  Humor, on the other hand, plays a huge role in my life.  It will be very difficult for me to communicate anything without humor.

My question for you is:  how can I talk about deep emotional issues and still be true to my style of humor?  Will people be ‘set off’ by it?  is there anything I should be cautious of? (besides dangling participles? mom, that was for you)



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