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Why the Sermon Series Theme?

IMG_7902Our team often decorates each sermon series with a theme of some sort.  Why?

Short Answer: Jesus did it.

Long Answer:  At PromiseLand, we are very intentional about reaching all types of people in the congregation.  Everyone from first timers to old timers listen in the audience.  Every one of them have a ‘gate keeper’ in their brain that tells them, “Don’t listen to this. You have already heard it before.”  Doctors have studied “Broca’s area” of the brain and have determined it is “the theater critic of the imagination, the part of the human mind that anticipates and ignores the predictable.”   Basically, if your brain predicts that it has heard the information already, then it quits listening and begins thinking on other more interesting things.  (read more about that here)

Our job as speakers is to break through the Broca area of the brain and let people know that they haven’t heard this before OR you have never heard it like this.

So this is what our team does in sermon prep:

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