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Questions For Building

Lately, I have had several pastors ask me what our process looked like when we borrowed money for a church project. I thought I should write my thoughts down so that anyone else could take a look. Here is the disclaimer: I am not a financing expert and this is only our process. Yours might look a lot different.

The problem with talking to ‘experts’ is that most of them have an agenda. They will either make or lose money on your church’s decision, so it is difficult to know when they are shooting straight with you.

In the last 7 years we have had 2 major building changes and 2 property purchases. We have borrowed money 3 different times from the same bank. Here are the questions we answered:

Is God leading us to make this change? This seems obvious, but sometimes our own personal agendas get in the way. We think we should build or buy in order to stay up with the other churches.

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