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New You Resolution Day 11

hear-godWe have crossed the half way point on our prayer and fasting journey.  How are you feeling right now?  Are you seeing any differences in your spiritual journey? Be honest.

I have seen some clear differences. I am coming to conclusions faster and they seem to be not as confusing.  I hear messages from God more frequently as well.

How do you hear from God?

Today, I was praying with my early morning men’s group and I sensed a clear message from God.  In the middle of my prayer, I was talking to God about a frustration I had.  I was really talking fast and hard about the situation and being honest with God about my displeasure.  In a conversation, there should be at least two parties involved.  Meaning when you pray, you should talk AND you should listen.  BUT…how do we know when it is God talking and not simply our imagination?  I know it is God when several factors line up.

1. The message lines up with Scripture.  If God is speaking to you, it will not ever contradict what the Bible says.  If you are not familiar with this, study what the Bible says about the subject.  Ask someone if they know where it is found or how the Bible teaches this subject throughout the books.  If the word I get from God is challenging or asking me to do something bold, I will always ask at least two other people to confirm with me in prayer about the word.

2. I feel a peaceful confirmation. This one is so hard to describe.  It sounds like a fairy tale.  However, when it is the Lord speaking, it is accompanied with a peace that feels like no other peace.  It is almost impossible to put into words.  You just know that you know.  Having said that, I still have other people pray with me to confirm all the things I have felt inside.

Looking back over my life, I can see a couple huge decisions that were made during a fast.  In 1998, God confirmed to me during a fast that I should marry Erica.  I remember the exact place I was standing when I received that special word.  In 2009, I was fasting and praying about where we should move.  God showed me a vision of the house we were to buy.  We had been looking at several different options and we wanted to know for sure where to go.  During prayer at the church, I saw an arial view of the house. It was accompanied with a peaceful confirmation.

How would those examples line up with Scripture?  

What does the Bible say about marriage? It is between a man and a woman (that are not already married).  It is until death.  It should be between two people that are going in the same direction. Both spouses are to be looking to God for their salvation and sanctification.  In our case, our lives matches scriptures mandate.

What does the Bible say about a business transaction?  It should be done legally and ethically. Would I be able to provide for my family in the context of this neighborhood, location and monthly payment? How would it interact with our calling and family life?  We knew that all these were “a go”.

I hope this helps some in your conversations with God.

All for now,


The New You Resolution Day Two

Day Two!  Our first non-church day fasting and praying together.

I had a VERY difficult time getting out of bed today. I wanted to keep sleeping. This is not normal for me. I typically have a fairly easy time waking up around 5:30am.  I struggled with a headache for most of the day.  Finally, this afternoon, it went away.  I am actually feeling good at this point.

For those who missed my post yesterday, I am fasting from meats, sugar, junk food.  I am eating fruits, vegetables, lentals, some whole grains.  I ate a fruit smoothie for breakfast. Erica made a vegetable soup last night.  I ate that for lunch.  I ate a banana as a snack this afternoon.  I have not drank enough water today.  That is always something I struggle with.

I had an impromptu prayer meeting after coming to the church this morning.  Something was going on in my office, so I left and went to the prayer room.  I had a quick and powerful time expressing myself to God. I encourage you to jump into these types of conversations with God throughout the day.  LISTEN. He will speak to you.  What is he saying?

Sometimes during a fast, I feel heaviness and even slight depression.  It does not last through the day, but will linger here and there when I think about what I am fasting from.  If this happens to you, don’t worry. It is normal is MISS what you normally enjoy.  You will have cravings. That is normal.  Supplement or replace your activities with reading the Bible, prayer, conversation with others.  If you struggle with this, be honest with someone you trust. Have them speak words of encouragement to you.  Make sure you go to someone that is also fasting. This is very important.

How was your day two? Please comment on this post!


All for now,


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