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Here are precincts for Hays


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I fully endorse Rick Green for Texas Supreme Court place 3.  Early voting starts TODAY, Tuesday February 16th.  Official voting day is March 2nd.

I have known Rick for about 10 years and he has continually represented strong family values and a Christian world-view from day 1.  I have seen him lead our area as State Representative.  I have seen him speak on worldwide television.  I have seen him speak at our church in San Marcos, and I have sat across the table with him at IHOP and ate breakfast with him.  In all arenas, he is consistent with his convictions.  He does not waver in his values or ethics.

Spread the word and join his cause on Facebook or his website:


*in case you are wondering…yes, it is perfectly legal for me to endorse a political candidate as Robin Steele (the man, father,husband, son, etc), not as pastor.

random thoughts after going to a TX State panel

Can religion and science coexist in a our theology and philosophy?  That was the topic at a panel discussion I attended on the TX State campus last Thursday.  The University is hosting a series of panels to promote religious diversity on campus.  The general public is invited to attend, and since I was not already booked that I night, I decided to check it out.

There were six men and women on the panel.  They ranged from a Read the rest of this entry

Race In My World Part 2

Don’t read this until you have read part 1.

So what is the point of this post?  Let us ALL expand our MINDS and INTELLECT.  How do we as people of America live the dream of Dr. MLK Jr?  Is the dream to keep talking about race and our differences?  To be unique and yet equal?  To all be blended into 1 color with no uniqueness?  What is God’s idea of the dream?  How does end-time prophesy from the Bible relate to the racial status in America?

I want every race to be equal in compensation, educational opportunity, social status, and every other category.  The question that I struggle with is what does that look like.  I think there is richness in every culture and to melt everyone into one pot would be bland and boring.  Being equal doesn’t mean we all look the same, talk the same, think the same.

My opinion is that true equality comes through the love of God and the direction of our leadership.  We must ‘walk out’ the love of God on a daily basis.  That means standing up for those are suffering injustice.

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Race In My World

I can not speak for other races, creeds, backgrounds or women. However, I am an expert on my historical heritage.

As for white, 32 yrs old, male, raised in Texas to a Christian family, I can speak for quite a while.  My background has interesting sides that funnel me into where I am today.  I am blessed with a great, loving family.  My childhood church was powerful.  My college education deepened my prospective.

My family is white.  I would say that my heredity is not racist, however I would say that they Read the rest of this entry

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