Nigeria Oct14

This morning we got up 7am (1am TX time) ate a quick breakfast at the hotel and headed for the church. It is about 20 miles to the church however, it takes about an hour to get there in traffic. If there were absolutely no traffic it would take about 30+ because the roads are so bad. In ‘bad’ traffic it takes over 2 hours to get there.

We arrived around 10am and gathered with pastors from all over the country. There are about 35-40 churches represented in the meeting and around 15 students from a Bible school here in Lagos. I spoke on the purpose of the church and how pastors fit into that role. I used Matthew 28’s great commission to speak on discipleship and growth.

After I finished, we had a good prayer and then Pastor Ani stood up and said, ‘this man can not come very often and he is very wise, I want him to come up and speak again.’ I said, ‘again? like a full message’ He said, ‘yes, come and speak again.’ So, I went for it!

We went to the Simonson’s house for lunch and then returned to our hotel. We are waiting for our driver to take us back to church tonight. I will preach to the whole local congregation and pastors tonight. I don’t anticipate having the time to write again tonight, so I thought I would get it done now.

Keep praying for us. We are starting to see a shift in us and the Nigerians. It is not happening like we thought it would. A different method, however, we are growing and ‘letting go’ at the same time. Both in our own way for His purpose.



ps- the pic above is very common. To see 2-3 people on one motorcycle is normal. In fact, we saw 2 kids and 2 adults the other day on one cycle.


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  1. The stories are so amazing! Thank you for taking the time to share. We will pray for God to give you strength to preach all these sermons and to reach all of these people. I’m thankful that, at least, parts of it will be recorded for us to see.. God be with you all!!

  2. Pastor praying for protection and strenght, praying that the shift that you mentioned is not a bad one, but one that the Holy Spirit is monouvering with His mighty Hand…over you and bro.Rob and bro.Mark…i know that the Spirit of God will just over flow and move in a mighty way, and that what God sent you to do will be accompished for his Kingdom!! WE ARE ALL WITH YOU IN SPIRIT WITH PRAYER!!

  3. Praying for you and Pastor Ani, Brother Mark and Brother Rob. I proclaim and apply God’s promise (Isaiah 41:10) as devine covering over you all throught out your stay in Nigeria. May the Good Lord use you to be his voice and pour out his Holy Spirit over all the services. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

  4. Excited to hear all is going well. A second time of speaking. Wow. God must be opening a lot of ears and hearts. So awesome that he is using all of you in Nigeria. Keeping you al in prayer. God bless.

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