Nigeria Oct13

This morning we ate at hotel again for breakfast.  Then,I hung out at the hotel and prepared for service.  My dad and Mark went around ‘shopping’.  Don’t tell anyone.  We later went to a market-type place under a bridge.  It was very rough.  They were very poor and their conditions were very dirty.  We did purchase some gifts from them.

We went to lunch at Pastor Ani’s for lunch.  His wife prepared a GREAT meal.  Rice, Chicken, tomato sauce, casaba, and a lot of other things I can’t spell or remember how to say.  However, it was so much better than our restaurant experience.  We were so relieved to

eat such good food.

I can not even begin to explain how bad the traffic is.  Well, I will try.  Extremely dense, people cutting in and out, motorcycles everywhere zipping in and out.  This made Mexico traffic look calm.  Wow. So dangerous.

We had our first service tonight.  We got there late because of traffic, but they had been praying and singing for a while when we got there.  The crowd was not very big tonight.  They are expecting more tomorrow and Sat.  There is already a showing of pastors from other towns.  We begin pastor training in the morning.

Going to get some rest.  Our pace picks up quickly tomorrow and remains for the rest of our journey.  We will have very little time off from now on.  Hopefully, I will have time to blog.




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  1. I am glad all is well. Praying for you guys.

  2. I love reading your post… They make me miss Kenya & Uganda so much. I am not able to go this year and I am heart broken. I love cassava… The Ugandans fry it and it taste like french fries… I know what you mean about the motorcycles, called “borda borda” in Kenya. We had to ride them into the bush. Praying for you my brother… Keep the post coming… They are making me homesick… My heart is in Africa.


  3. bro we need to hook up when i get back

  4. Sounds like a plan… Hit me up when get back… BTW, you’ll never look at the missions, the gospel or the Kingdom the same again… 😉

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