Colossians Help | Part 5

Give me your thoughts on Colossians 2:16-23.  Paul talks about being released from religious spirits.  He warns against people that judge others based on rules and regulations.

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  1. A lesson that I’ve had to learn the hard way…if we judge those who judge others, we become the very thing that we are trying to prevent.

    its so easy for Christians to leave a legalistic background, then look back at the folks they’ve just left and judge them (at which point they become just as bad as the folks they’ve just left).

    we tend to leave, go somewhere else, and do church “the right way”…all the while standing in judgment of the people and methods we’ve left behind.

    and as of late, this religious spirit tends to disguise itself in a very attractive, sleek, and modern package.

    “relevant church”, “practical church”, “organic church”, “house church”, etc…if practiced whilst believing we have a corner on God through our methods, can be just as much of a stench in His nostrils as old-time legalism.

    anytime someone starts tying God to their methodology, and saying things like, “this is the RIGHT way to do church”…. run!!!!

    before you know it, we end up judging people who don’t do church the “right” way, OUR way, of course…

    it really is a sneaky, vicious spirit, and a cycle we can all fall into if we’re not careful to guard against it.

  2. Jereme, would you like to come preach this weekend?? Good stuff!

  3. Check out this thought from Holman’s Commentary:

    “Legalism—measuring your own or someone else’s spirituality by the ability to keep man-made rules—is a rigid, confining, and lifeless way to live. It is easy because all it requires is a list of rules coupled with dutiful compliance. Wisdom or the skillful application of biblical principles to life’s situations is unnecessary. Just comply. Legalism is not only rigid and lifeless, but it also fosters hypocritical pride. The Pharisees (ancient and modern) prove that. A focus on conformity to a code can cause one to forget things like arrogant pride, smug judgmentalism, anger, and a host of other dark sins that never seem to make the list.”

    Anders, M. (1999). Vol. 8: Galatians-Colossians. Holman New Testament Commentary; Holman Reference (308–309). Nashville, TN: Broadman & Holman Publishers.

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