So, How is your Best 30 Ever going?

Let’s hear some feedback on your “Best 30 Ever“.

Today, is day 26 for me.  I have stuck to it and am see great progress.  I feel physically better, less stress, on task, more energy, and spiritually strong.  However, the components of my discipline still are challenging.  Some days I do not want to do anything related to the plan.  Eating better has been surprisingly the easiest part for me.  I have not had any cravings or bad impulses to eat whats on the ‘no’ list.  Getting up earlier is often difficult.  Starting to pray has sometimes been difficult, though when I break through it is wonderful.

There are many parts of this that I will continue well after the 30 are complete.  I have made so much progress that I don’t want to go back, and the best part is that I really don’t have the same desires anymore.  Things that dominated my attention last year, do not seem as important anymore.  I know that they will all return as soon as I allow myself to slip back into the old groove.

So, what about you?  What day are you on? What has happened in your progress…



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  1. I’m on day 22. It has increasingly become difficult…with each break through the devil attacks another way. But I can say that I feel 100% better spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.
    I do have to share when “My Best 30 Ever” began – I was excited and shared with a couple of the ladies in my office and they peaked interest so I brought them one of the blank sheets a couple of days later. One of the ladies has already made copies and shared it with her sisters and they are all starting their “Best 30 Ever.” So EXCITING!!!!!

  2. I love Gwynda’s report of how she has shared this with other people who have started their own “first 30”. What a witness!!
    This has been such a blessing to me! I have poured more into God’s word and prayed more fervently than I have in quite a while. Truly God is with us when we do this. Fasting & removing some things from the food list has been very beneficial. Some days I must remind myself of the goals and move forward. Life is busy and is a battle at times so constant reminders are so important to keep us on track. God is good and faithful to help us in all our ways.
    I encourage all to participate even if you are just starting, “You can do it!!!”

  3. Felipe hernandez

    Prayer, has been raised to a new and higher level(prophetic),working on food,fasting is easier, reading His word with more intimacy and clairty

  4. Sorry Bro Robin, I didn’t open my email or facebook yesterday and just saw your message. Great idea about the Super bowl party to establish new relationships. I’m in.

    My best 30 has not gone as well for me as I would like. I have done good getting into the word. I am doing a read the bible in one year faithfully. Increased my prayer time. Increased my exercise (bicycling and weights) Overall it has been good for me and will create more discipline in my life.

  5. I was giving my best in some areas, but not as great in others, so I decided to start over. Isabel heard your sermon on Sunday and decided she really wanted to do this with me. It is amazing how much better your day is when it is balanced and on the right track. Sometimes it is hard for me not to focus just on one thing (physical, or spirtual, etc..) I think that is my biggest struggle. But starting off with prayer has really helped.

  6. I have felt so good about each area of growth. It’s very refreshing. I agree that some areas are harder than others. i.e. physical! I’ve cut the bad out and spent more time in the word. It’s reassuring to know I’m consiousely doing what I NEED to do. Michael has said he didn’t realize what a difference rest and vitamins make. He didn’t know how much he needed it.

  7. Doing the Best 30 Ever, has been great for me. I feel more directed spiritually, mentally and physically. I have found many time pockets in my schedule to meditate, pray and read the word. I just purchased some cds with James Earl Jones (my favorite actor) reading the Bible! Have some at work and at home! My mind is also clear for God to speak to me and he have given me some direction in my life on what I am supposed to do for him. Thanks Pastor for being led by God! Love you, Sis Jonnie

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