The Original Plan for our Church

I just found this Word document from 6 years ago.  It was the original plan I submitted to the Phillips.  It is so interesting to see how things went better and different.  I was misguided in some areas, and in other areas I was right on.  Notice that the college was called SWT. 🙂


Throughout these descriptions, when you see “Austin” that is referring to the PromiseLand in Austin.  When you see “San Marcos”, that is referring to the PromiseLand in San Marcos.


  1. Mission Statement – Spread the Gospel to people in the San Marcos area, and bring each of them into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Reach families with dynamic kids and teens programs.
    1. We will have a caring and loving nursery/preschool department second to none.  Responsibly nurturing kids will be our specialty.
    2. Children’s Church on Sundays will educate, inspire, and nurture elementary kids to love Jesus.
    3. Teenage programs will provide quality social activities as well as Spiritual guidance.
  3. Reach the SWT campus with the Love of Jesus.  We will have a service geared to college kids on Sunday nights.  We are also targeting college students for our PromiseGroup meetings on Wednesday nights.
  4. Support missions all over the world through projects and donations.
  5. Provide 3-4 meetings a year for men’s and women’s groups
  6. Support our members that are in need of prayer, clothing, finances, moral support, etc.


  1. Gain 100 active/tithe paying members per year
  2. Obtain 5 or more acres to build on in the San Marcos/Kyle area
  3. Build first building on property within 2 years.
  4. Create college ministry within one year that ministers to 250 college kids.
  5. We want to send 25 kids to summer camp with Austin church in summer of ’04.
  6. Support Evangelists and pastors in Brazil and Church building in Mexico


When someone wants to join the church, he or she will attend the New Members class.  This is a four-week course discussing the beliefs and customs of the PromiseLand.  After this four-week course, the ‘student’ will graduate and be able to begin their involvement in one of our ministries.  They also will be able to attend the Leadership Class. Leadership Class teaches individuals the necessary attributes of great leaders.  Once people go to the Leadership Class, and have attended PromiseLand for 3 months, they will be eligible for a leadership position.


Sunday – Starting in June 2003, we will have services in San Marcos at 2pm.  This will facilitate leaders coming from Austin.  After Labor Day or in January, we will start Sunday services on Sunday morning 10:30am.

Sunday Night: In one year we would like to have a Sunday night service dedicated to reaching the SWT campus.

Wednesday – We will begin Wednesday night services after Labor Day.  The structure of the service will be a mixture of small groups and Austin’s Wednesday night format.  We will begin teaching the following content:

First 4 Weeks – New Members Class

Second 4 Weeks – Leadership Class

Third 4 Weeks – PromiseGroups

Possibly, we would convert to PromiseGroups only on Wednesdays if that were going strong.  I would also like to experiment with pre-service meals in San Marcos on Wednesdays. These nights will be a great time to pair up college kids with families.


Our Ministries will be organized into seven Divisions.  Each Department has one Director.  That Director oversees coordinators in each area of the department.  Depending on the ministry, each coordinator may have volunteers that work under them.  For example, the Children’s ministry will have teacher volunteers under each coordinator


I would like to phase out of my current position in the following schedule

  • Education Director – July 31st (last day of VBS)
  • The Awakening – June 1st
  • Monitors – June 1st
  • PL Austin’s Website – June 1st
  • Graphic Design – Continue on an ongoing basis

I would like to continue my full salary until I am completely out of the Education Department.  After that, we can work out an agreement on compensation for the Graphic Design work.  Insurance coverage from Austin is a huge benefit for us because of Kennady.  I would like to stay on insurance until we can find adequate coverage for Kennady.

Music Minister

We are having our Sunday service at 2pm on Sundays to facilitate a music minister coming from Austin.  We are going to start training people from San Marcos to lead praise and worship (musicians and singers).   We would like our own, regular Music Minister by the time we go to a 10:30am service.  Our first Draft pick would be Jacob.  If he came to work with us, he would be able to assist Austin in any capacity as long as it does not conflict with our service times.  This would include: The Awakening, band clinics, recording and producing in PromiseLand Studios.

Pastoral Council

Our pastoral council will consist of seven members.  This will be equally balanced ethically and economically.  The pastor will select members based on prayer life, faithfulness to local church, and track history at Austin.  This council will advise pastor on FINANCE and other issues of church.


From the Pastoral Council, the pastor will select three men to become Elders of the church.  These elders along with the pastor will serve as the Board Members for the non-profit corporation.


We are making plans to incorporate the church in San Marcos.  The official name will be “Promiseland San Marcos, Inc.”  This will be a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.  We are patterning our by-laws after the World of Pentecost.  We will be opening our own bank account in San Marcos.


We have already secured a website: and  The design of the site is in progress.  Ernie is providing all this service for $16 per year.


We are going to break up our targeted souls into sections.  These sections will be based on geographical and age demographics.  The following are the proposed sections:

  • San Marcos
  • Southwest Texas State University
  • Kyle
  • Buda
  • Wimberley
  • Neiderwald / Uhland
  • Lockhart
  • Luling

We will select one target per month or every 2 months.  After we select a target, we will focus all our marketing efforts and dollars in that area and try to saturate the market.  This will include: newspaper ads, flyers in neighborhoods, participation in parades or other community events, etc.  We will select areas based on time of year that that area is most active.  For example, SWT will happen right after Labor Day when the students have arrived at campus for the year.


About pastorrobin

Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at

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  1. so amazing how far we have come!

  2. over 1300 have joined in the last 6.5 years

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