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More and more, I want my Bible everywhere I go.  Not just any Bible, but ‘my’ Bible.  It is worn out (that should encourage my parishioners) and I have had to glue the binding back together.  This month marks its third birthday.

img00161-20090318-08251My Bible is an English Standard Version from Crossway Bibles.  I stumbled across this version at Barnes and Nobles three years ago, bought the Bible immediately, and can’t put it down.  I now use the ESV for my sermon readings.  About 1 year ago, I started marking in this Bible.  That step is huge for me.  I used to never write in my Bibles, but a couple years ago I started writing in another Bible and it was amazing.  I highlight certain passages that stand out, and then write a 1 line description to summarize.

Rick Warren says he keeps a Bible for 10 years and then shelves it.  In that 10 year period, he has a beautiful array of notations and experiences with that Bible.  It then becomes sort of a scrapbook, that he can go back and relive revelatory moments.  Rick Warren seems so organized.  It’s like everything in his life is categorized and alliterated.  I am not quite that detailed, and I don’t think this Bible will take another seven years of the wear and tear it is receiving.

This Bible seems to be more special to me than any before.  What is it?  The sleek design?  The translation/version?  The cool cover?

I have taught for a long time that the book has no power in and of itself, that the world’s most powerful book could lay on your dresser for years and never change you life just because you live in close proximity to it.  I still hold that belief.  I feel strongly and based on the scripture itself, that it takes a person reading and receiving the Word for it to bear fruit in his or her life.  In other words, the seed must be sown.

img00162-20090318-0910However, this Bible lures me in, and carrying it around literally makes me feel different.  There seems to be a psychological and spiritual bond with the book.  It makes me feel safer.  A great example is when I am talking on the platform during the service.  I might be greeting guests or praying.  There will be no scripture read or no need for the book in a literal sense.  However, I want to hold it because of what the Word means to me.  Sure, it’s also nice to have it ready in case I want to go into impromptu scriptures.

My pastor always taught us to leave a Bible open on your desk or your coffee table.  Let the Word spiritually permeate the atmosphere.  I am starting to get this drift.  I hope you do to.



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  1. My father always carried his pocket bible with him and when he died 16 years ago at a school playground practicing golf; the first thing the medics encountered was his bible. During funeral arrangements, I was able to skimmed through his bible and found numerous verses highlighted with my siblings’ name as well as mine. The verses that were highlighted with my name were so surreal to me because I did not know he knew my troubles at different aspects of my life. My husband, Michael taught me to leave a bible open.

  2. joshuasthoughts

    I am pleased to say I get your drift as well. I as well carry mine everywhere I go. It goes with me everywhere. I as you know am an extremist in many a sense, so when people ask me why my reply is simple, if things are to change quickly with my country, I want a couple of things very easily attainable, first and foremost is my notebook from God. Sometimes I just open it and read a sentance, somehow keeps me grounded in who I am called to be.

  3. We keep a Bible open all the time in our home (from Bro. Phillips’ teachings). Sometime we have 2 open—just for safe measure. 🙂 I think carrying a Bible with you is a wonderful idea. We have one or two at the office and I usually have one in the car, also. Close reach is good!

  4. I have several Bibles that I use. Currently, I’ve been reading a Message Bible altough that is not my preferred version…it’s an easy read. The Bible I love is a NKJV Thomas Chain Reference Study Bible. It has so many great study tools and one verse always leads to another.

  5. Elizabeth Wharton

    I had a Bible like that once. My parents got it for me as a birthday present when I was 15. It was blue leather with silver pages. That Bible and a journal were with me everywhere. I had written in the margins, highlighted verses, and regularly looked at all those markings to remember ways the Lord had spoken to me. Eight years later Cliff & I were at a conference at the church he grew up in and while we were saying good-bye to people in the parking lot he put my Bible on top of our car. We drove away and that was the end of my Bible. I called the church and went to look in their lost & found to no avail. I still miss my worn blue Bible, and I have never had another one that felt quite the same.

  6. Elizabeth, I know the feeling. I have had that happen before.

    on a slightly different note, what is up with people not calling you and letting you know they found your Bible, even when your name and info is in the front.

    one time Erica misplaced her Bible and one day at choir practice she saw a lady with it. She said, “hey, that’s my Bible.” They opened it up and sure enough, her name was in the front.

  7. Once I was visiting El Paso (with Charlie Lujan). My purse was stolen out of my truck and my graduation Bible (signed by Bishop Phillips) was in my purse. I was just sick. The police recovered my purse in an nearby alley. Most of my valuables were gone but for some reason, the theives left the Bible…which is really what they needed most.I was so relieved to have recovered that Bible.

  8. Before my conversion, I waited tables. This is how Jesus brought me to Him, line upon line, precept upon precept (Is 28). While waiting tables, a customer, no idea who, left me a small, New Testament King James Version Bible. I didn’t know quite what to do with it, a little irritated, as it was not going to pay for any of my immediate needs. Many suggestions were made on what I could do with it and so I just shoved it in my duffle bag/purse and never gave it a second thought. It bounced around in there for a couple of years, being shoved from side to side as I reached for cigarettes, lighters, money, pens, and anything else. As Jesus called me closer, I struggled with the not knowing what was happening. I remember reaching for the little book while waiting for a bus and opening it to the first page (Matt). I started to read the begats (he begat, she begat) and closed it really fast as I had no idea what that meant. It might as well have been Greek. After my conversion, after being filled with the Holy Ghost, He opened my eyes and I could read and it was so alive. Not only did I have understanding, it was three-dimensional, it was the most real thing I had touched, seen, heard. His words were alive and I was now part of the book. This was my lineage, my story. I read until I fell asleep, I woke up and read more, I read at the bus stop, on the bus, at work. I finished that little KJVNT and then purchased my very first ever-whole Bible (KJV). I started in Genesis and just kept right on reading. Since then I have had several Bibles, concordances, bible studies with Holy Ghost-filled anointed teachers and midnight (not always at midnight) revelations. Yea, I have to agree His word is pretty cool.

  9. Ann what a wonderful testimony,one looking at you now and hearing you pray would never think you reached pass that little bible reaching for other things, isn`t God wonderful he puts people and things in our path to lead us on our way. I pray blessing for you always in your journey.
    God Bless you .
    I too have several favorite bibles, one that is falling apart but has so many writtings that I keep using here at home, we also have a bible opened on our coffee table one in car, one by bed. His word is the tonic I need in my life.

  10. “Just a plain black bible” were the words my 15 year old son said 3 months before he died, a friend ask him , Hey Mike what kind of bible do you have. That has lived with me all these years, I can not begain to tell you what those words did to this mothers heart.
    Just something I wanted to share since we are talking about bibles and its so good to talk about little angels that were in your life and now live in heaven with Jesus.
    Gone but not forgotten.

  11. Dearest Pastor, the word I used was conversion, not conversation. And yes, Wynnel, it is beautiful and costly. It was costly to Abraham, Moses, Elijah, to name just a few. (Heb 11:39-40) “And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect. The “promise” and the “better thing” is my conversion, Peter’s conversion, Paul’s conversion, all the conversions mentioned in the Book of Acts. It is precious and did not come cheaply. I had to sell all that I had, everything else in that duffle bag. My conversion was and is never cheap. I did not say a little prayer and was converted, I fell at an altar and continue to fall at an altar, in my home but, mostly, at a church, a sanctuary, a place built and maintained for His purpose solely.

  12. Dear Anne, You always pull at my heart strings every time I hear a word from you. And dear Wynnel, no one can know the walk of someone who has lost a child but someone who has walked in those shoes, also. May peace and power be with each of you ladies.

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