submitting to the seasons 2 « + john’s blog

every season has a person

i have heard it said many times

the reason david was blessed

was because he was submitted to authority

that is true


he was actually submitted to the season

that GOD had him in at that time

but every season has a person

the person in david’s life

during his shepherd season was his father jessie

as long as dad said tend the sheep

he tended the sheep

when samuel came to anoint one of jessie’s sons king

david did not even show up at the gathering


his father called for him

when his brothers went to battle

he did not force his way onto the battlefield


his father sent him

how many seasons have we charged into too early

wanting something so bad

that we lost all regard for council or advice

oh sure we “ask” people for their opinion

but really we are just telling them what we are going to do

and hoping that they will agree

not david

he waited until the person in his season

called for him

and gave him orders for he battlefield

orders that carried destiny in them…

it is also needful to point out that

while david did not rush his seasons

he did not shirk from the next season when it showed up

he readily made his trip to the battlefield

even though it meant leaving his familiar place

knowing that he could face danger

even death

but he could walk into his next season

because he had the permission of the person in that particular season

he submitted to that person

because they were the person for that season

and he was submitted to that season

and every season has a person


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  1. Elizabeth Wharton

    so good. part one of this blog on John Ragsdale’s site is good too.

  2. God allows people to come into our lives for a season. We are supposed to learn from them and probably teach them something. We think “It must be for a reason”. We get confused and assume that if God sent them, then we must ‘stay’ with them. Seasons change. We need to remember that, and not try to keep that person around for longer than their season. That’s where we hinder our own growth.

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