Our Third Anniversary

photo-55Next month, Erica and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.  Looking back over the years, we have gone through a lot.  Great times and difficult times.  However, 3 years ago on December 17th, we started a new covenant.  We decided to never take our wedding rings off.  I guess the only exception would be surgery or some sort of emergency.  We wanted it to signify our marriage never taking a break and being constant in all seasons.

So, we take showers with them, put lotion on with them, we dig in dirt with them, we sleep with them, and do many other activities with them…
Thankfully, we bought platinum rings so they are very durable and can take the pressure.

Several times, I have been in situations where the ring was a powerful reminder of my commitment.  The ring speaks to others as much as it speaks to me.  “He is off limits!!”  and “You are off limits!”  I am thankful for the powerful reminder the ring gives, and I am thankful for a God and wife that love to keep commitments.



About pastorrobin

Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at www.psmchurch.com

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  1. I will also say that this is a great way NOT TO LOSE your ring.

  2. cool picture babe. I love the symbolism. It is really special to both of us and keeps us from losing our rings. :*) (i have a history of this) I would also like to say that my husband remembered the anniversary and I didn’t. Way to go babe.

  3. good idea. I lost mine two weeks after I was married when I put in my pocket at the jobsite so I would not damage it while working in construction. Then when the catering truck showed up the ring fell in the road when I pulled out my change and I never saw it again. That was 37 years ago and we are still in love…

  4. Sorry, That was NOT Grana working in construction. I did not see that she was logged in. Of course, she still has her ring.

  5. Congratulations Pastor & Erica. Dec. 17th is my birthday!
    Michael lost his ring on our honeymoon! He actually wanted to take it off before we went snorkeling but I told him “No because we’re never supposed to ever take it off.” Going under water he grabbed my hand slipping my ring 1/2 way off. Coming up I told him I could have lost it in the ocean…he looked at his hand, saw that his was gone and lost his mind! Needless to say he’s on his 3rd one…and we’ve only been married since 6/12/08.
    Keep my husband in prayer : )

  6. oh my, Erica G! That is crazy! Get one that is too small and have it soldered onto his finger

  7. That’s awesome Pastor …………….. today Michelle and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary ………….. GOD is awesome ……….. he is a constant reminder of my comitment to my wife …… My comitment to him is also my comiment to her ……. to be ever faithful

  8. Pastor Robin and Erica congratulations on 10 years! It’s great to see a young couple that keep their commitment to each other, and their values in this day and time we are living in and honor God by serving Him as you both are doing! June 6th will be 39 years for Susan & me. It seems the longer we are married the more fun we have in life and the more we love each other. I thank God He keeps a covering over our marrage. God bless you both! Your a great example both to the Church body you lead and to the outside world!

  9. Congradulations!!!! on BOTH!!! We too have our anniversary coming up March 11th, 9 years for us!! Sad to say I have had one ring stolen and lost the other one. because I took them off. GREAT IDEA!!!! The one I wear now NEVER comes off. Matt has broken,bent his several times. we have fixed it several times ( We needed to buy him one of those titanium ones )

    CONGRADULATIONS again!! We LOVE you and are SO happy to call you our Friends!!


  10. Im so glad to Hear that my huband isnt the only one that loses his wedding ring! Rob I had this crazy visual of Cathy op on top of something…hammering away lol!

  11. That’s a really meaningful thing to do! I haven’t worn my ring for several years. It broke and we had it repaired, but the jeweler repaired it with a setting that is so sharp it was cutting my kids :/. So I took it off and just got used to not wearing it.
    It’s funny that I read this today though because for the past few weeks I’ve been feeling a desire to get it repaired again & back on my finger. When I do, I think it would be cool to make it a more meaningful symbol in our marriage, too!

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