Monday night while my wife was out of the house, I sat down with Netflix and watched: Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed.  This is the “Documentary of the Year” for 2008.  Ben Stein does a fine job of hosting the show.  I HIGHLY recommend everyone see this documentary. 

dvdlargeIt puts Intelligent Design, Science, Darwin’s Theory, and Faith into clear perspective.  Especially if you have middle or high school students, you need to have the whole family watch together and then discuss.  It is very entertaining and informative.  Plus, it puts Intelligent Design into this cool, rebellious type of position.  Check out their website for more info: http://www.expelledthemovie.com/

Also, you can sign a petition that supports freedom of education!  Assuring teachers and other educators protection from being punished or fired if they teach Intelligent Design. click http://www.academicfreedompetition.com/


Have you seen it already?  what did you think?


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  1. No, have not seen it, but with this recommendation I will.

  2. We watched it on Monday and I was actually planning on blogging about it. Great documentary.

    I was amazed that so many of the scientist believe that Christians, really anyone religious, is ignorant, uneducated, etc. And also that many of them believe that when we become more scientifically minded that we will no longer “need” religion.

    On top of it, the most famous of all agnostic, darwinist, admitted to Ben Stien that there must have been an intelligent designer (of the first cell) – probably aliens. (And he says we are ignorant) Of course he said they would have evolved into these higher life forms.

    Also loved how he linked darwin ideas to the absolute evils of the world, like the Nazis, abortion, euthenasia (sp??), etc. How often we overlook the link. When we come to the point of believing there is not intelligent designer then llife becomes less valuable and things like abortion become acceptable.

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