Tuesday, Oct 28th, 2008

Monday, Matt and I ‘got to work’ with a bunch of electrical equipment and a 25′ lift.  We changed lights, added new ones, painted the ceiling, and had a good time.

Tuesday, we are hitting the ground running.  So far we have:

  • The church is hosting a funeral for Rose Medina’s father, Wednesday at 11am.  We are organizing those details and helping them get some chicken for the meal.
  • The Rodriguez’ went to Waco because Lorraine’s father fell in the hospital.
  • The DVD player is going rogue, so we had to create a new copy for the orders that were placed.
  • I created and posted a PromiseGroup lesson for this week.
  • I sent an email to Dan Armstrong.  (a great man and dear friend)
  • We had a mini-meeting with Bill Sinor to plan our Trunk or Treat on Friday night.  YOU BETTER COME!
  • I am talking through email to the elders about a security planning meeting.  We are creating a new ministry that will handle situations at the church that might get out of hand.

As I type it is only 11:30am and we are getting hungry.  Ever wonder what we do all day at the church???  This week, I am going to give you an inside track on it.



About pastorrobin

Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at www.psmchurch.com

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  1. We know you guys work hard. I was just teasing about the making of the video…it looks like you all enjoy working together and that is wonderful. How often do you get to say you have a great job and work with the best?

    And don’t you love the days when you get alot done??

  2. Busy,Busy
    Thanks so much for all that Hard work that y’all do!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love going to the church on the weekends, but when I can go and spend a couple hours during the week at the church and have a couple mini-meetings and get things done AND get to hang out with some of the greatest people on EARTH !!! MAN what a day!!!!! I love it.

  4. Way to GO Church Staff!! Thanks for all you do!! I am looking foward to ready your daily log. It almost makes me want to log all the things I can get done in my work day…..

  5. I just want to say in front of everyone that I have the best MOTHER-IN-LAW. Abbie Cole! Her birthday is TODAY.
    Happy Birthday, Abbie!

  6. Happy Birthday Abbie, .
    Pray your dreams and wishes come true.

    Love you Wynnel

  7. i have to say…i love my job!!….i love the church!!…i love my coworkers!!(even you , wynnel) :)…i love doin “gruny work” at the church, cuz if the church looks good, JESUS LOOKS GOOD!!!
    …and u dont find a boss that u can work for that: is ur boss, ur pastor, someone to trust, and not just a friend BUT a close brother that u can count on!!…im so blessed!!

  8. dito dito Matt { and even you}…..:>}

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