Struggling am I.   That is ‘yoda speak’ for I can’t figure out why the politicians act the way they do.  I think that Barak Obama is a brilliant speaker and progressive thinker.  John Mc Cain has immense experience and heart for the people.  That being said, when they get in front of people, they sound like robots spitting our political jargon.  I am not sure if it is just my generation, but neither candidate seems real.  When asked a simple question, they don’t answer the question.  Instead, they run it through some sort of campaign filter.

Example:  What should we do about healthcare?

This is going on in the head of the candidate:
1. i must sound compassionate to the people out there and show that I ‘feel their pain’.
2. i must say a couple of minor, generic points that sound really good without any sort of real life consequences.
3.  i must point out 3 or 4 ways why my opponent is wrong and how they messed up before.

I mean, seriously, do all the middle-class plumbers and electricians really ressonate with either candidate.  Both make a case for those coveted middle-American votes.  They answer questions in such a way as to fit into their perceived classes.  Each answer is perfectly matched to the party platform.

Refreshing it would be to have candidate that honest answers give. (more yoda speak)

“I believe that plan of Obama would work great.  I might tweak this or that, but I think we could work out those details.”

“I have don’t believe that policy would work, and here is why (followed by 5 points).  My idea is to have these points: (5 more points).”

If a candidate admitted to making a mistake and just left it at that, it would be so refreshing.   Is this ‘pie in the sky’ thinking?  Please help me out here.

I have seen other candidates think  and speak the way I am suggesting and they don’t get past the primaries.  Is America interested in polished movie-star Politicians more than statesmen(women)?  In the day of 24 hour news media and sound-bites that seems to be true.  However, my generation craves honesty and less hype.  There seems to be a contradiction.  Maybe my generation is not voting enough to change the tide yet.

I am not cynical in the electoral process.  I am voting, have my candidates picked out, and am going to get as many others to vote as I can.  However, we could all do so much better.



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  1. For once I’d like to hear someone say “I don’t know. We will all have to work it out together”.

  2. I too would like to hear ” I dont know” it shows more power then the well.. what we get from them. I cant wait for the Election to be over with. I am So tierd of hearing the mud throwing, bad mouthing, I’m better no your not I am, blah blah blah give Us real, give us truth and mostly RESPECT!!! Just my Opionin.

    I too am voting, I have my choice and cant wait till Nov. 5th!! 🙂

    When it’s all over

  3. Jaylene I can’t agree with you more. All of the back biting, name calling and mud slinging is getting way old. Trust me it will all start again in 4 years no matter who gets in office this time. I really feel that we need to take a stand as christians and let it be known that we do not agree with the way politics are handled. Can’t they just give us their platform with out all of the rest of the junk.

  4. People (in general here) just want to hear whatever makes them happy. They don’t search for anything real. If you tell them the truth they run away, because then…that would make them have to take responsibility and do something instead of lying back on their rump and watching things get done the “easy way”. (sorry for being so blunt) Which doesn’t leave them with anything of any eternal value.

    I think that there is a people out there that do want the truth, but they too are suffocated by the fast pace of life and things that aren’t valuable, yet steal all our time

    Where is our generation…..

    2 Timothy 4: 3-4 says…
    3For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

    just my two cents.

  5. My opinion such as it is.
    I feel this is not just an generation thing.
    Its a sign of the times.
    The change that is heading into America.
    My prayer is :

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change..
    Courage to change the things I can and the
    Wisdom to know the difference. aman

  6. P.S.
    I`am getting out of politics i can`t stand all this gray hair and its making me look older.

  7. I agree they are running their mouths about each other and not the real issues concerning the people. It’s so confusing I don’t know who to vote for. They sound like High School students arguing about who looks better than the other.

  8. I really need wisdom about who will do what God wants them to.

  9. I also know who I am voting for, and like most of you, I also am ready for it all to be over. I have friends who are will vote on both sides and that is their choice. I do not have to agree with it, but its their choice.

    I also agree that BOTH parties should be honest and say “I don’t know” when they just do not know instead of giving us the standard garbage answer.

    Either way, this election will be in the history books, it WILL be a first for this country, one way or another. I would like to have a President who will pray to God not just everyday, but before EVERY decision they make, and will do what God tells them to do, not want some small group of “guides” tell them to do based on some poll taken off of MSNBC.Com or CNN.Com

    I hope everyone gets out and casts their vote, that way they have a right to gripe if their person wasn’t elected. I have a feeling we will hear more on the importance of our votes in the weeks to come…..

  10. I agree Lora. I pray for wisdom too. The reality is, is that each new president merely has what the prior one left him to work with. It’s not easy for them to make the changes they intend to. There’s a lot of rapport building…and by the time this happens, there’s another election. Let’s just pray that these ‘building blocks’ don’t all tumble over in our lifetime.

  11. 1st of all, a big “AMEN” to all that you said in this post… I too crave honesty and less hype.

    I think the kind of answers that BOTH candidates are giving prove that neither of them are truly leaders…instead they are followers.

    They follow public opinion & popularity…they follow whatever course of action will ensure good standing in the latest media poll. Often, to lead is to become unpopular…neither of them seems willing to risk this…

    They are “thermometers” that react to the atmosphere around them, rather than “thermostats” that change it.

    I agree with Erica & 2 Timothy…how can we expect either of these men to truly lead, when all they want to do is say whatever we’d like to hear?

    “Dr. King, Obama is not…” (yoda speak 🙂


    “Compare to Teddy Roosevelt, McCain cannot…” (even more yoda 🙂

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