What is my campaign platform

Lately, as I watch all the campaign mumbo jumbo, my mind wanders off because of the hot air going back and forth.  I am interested in the topics of discussion, but it seems like the candidates are more interested in political posturing than solving the problems.

So, my mind wanders to being a pastor and I am so glad that I don’t have to ‘run’ for pastor of PSM.  What would it be like it there were term limits to being a pastor here?  What if I had to campaign for the position?  Unfortunately, some people have to face those types of political challenges in their church systems or denominations.

In the context of a campaign and a platform, what would I stand for and against?  Or more interestingly, what would my opponent point out as my weakness and my failures?

As your next pastor I would:

  • increase baptisms!
  • increase tithes (not the percent but the # of payers)
  • lower backsliding statistics
  • increase volunteers
  • repair relationships with foreign churches
  • stop the war of gossip
  • improve the hostess program
  • _______________________




About pastorrobin

Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at www.psmchurch.com

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  1. anyone want to volunteer for campaign manager???

  2. I’ll campaign for more prayer!!

  3. very important, casey!

  4. i believe for Texas Stae University attendees and staff come to the salvation of our God…and the campus become Promiseland San Marcos facilties!!!……God can do that!!…believe for the impossible!

  5. We can start our own Isicaar institute…

  6. I would pray that more people would receive the Holy Ghost,its like a bowl of oat meal in the mornings sticks to the inside ,gives you the energy you need.
    The Holy Ghost is the glue. Keeps you grounded.

    So I would like to campaign for more souls saved with the power of the Holy Ghost.

  7. I would volunteer for campaign manager if I felt that I had the skills. You are a great Pastor and I love being in your congregation. I love your passion for people. I especially love the emphasis that you place on the children’s program. My heart belongs to the children; not just mine but all of them. I loved letting them show off yesterday. Thank You for the opportunity.

  8. Oops! I meant Sunday. I didn’t work yesterday so it feels like Monday! excuses, excuses you hear them everyday………

  9. All us faithful Pastor Robin’s blog readers can’t imagine this scenario, but for the sake of the debate, I’ll bite. If I were running for your job, my platform would be:
    1.Only songs sung out of the red hymnal would be used.
    2.The musicians will vote for me because practice is not necessary, in fact they can tune the guitars right before the first song so the congregation can hear them.
    3.The men would be required to part their hair on the left side, combed neatly, and it should never touch their ears. Hair would also be the color God made it.
    4.We would reinstitute the practice of testimony service so everyone could find out just how the Devil had been after you all day, bless his holy name.
    5.The hostess’ would vote for me because they can sit down and quit worrying about visitors. Visitors would not be welcome unless they looked exactly like us and came from a church just like ours. I guess they would be on vacation in San Marcos.
    6.We would have foot washing at least twice a month.

    During the debate, I would point out that:
    1.Pastor Robin was too concerned about preaching sermons that actually are relevant to folks lives. I would only preach long dry homiletically correct sermons from the Old Testament, with a bunch of stuff in the actual Greek.
    2.Pastor Robin’s prayers are way too simple, he talks to God like He actually hears and understands modern English. My prayers would be done in a deep voice with a bunch of Thee and Thine thrown in and be mostly Old English to match the good old KJV.
    3.Pastor Robin thinks people should only give to God from a willing heart. I would set up a system to send invoices to everybody that did not pay their tithes and offerings. This is the only way to raise money for all those programs we need.

    You can tell I am on vacation with nothing to do

  10. Uh, Brother Rob…your church agenda sounds a little legalistic and a little like a cowboy church…

  11. VOTE!!
    Pastor Robin 2008 !!!!
    Pastor Robin 2008 !!!!
    Pastor Robin 2008 !!!!
    Pastor Robin 2008 !!!!
    Pastor Robin 2008 !!!!

  12. Brother Rob, I would say you are thinking like an man that lived back in the good old days.
    You funny. you might need to get your self home and out of the vacation mood.
    Foot washing twice a month, Oh goodness I would have to be absent those nights.
    1,3,4 sounds so .”like I use to know these”
    Life does change doesn`t it?
    Why don`t we have an ole time meeting night pitch a tent. Hire a traveling preacher man.

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