Please help me find the sermon in these pictures


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  1. Numbers 7:3

    And they brought their offering before the LORD, six covered wagons, and twelve oxen; a wagon for two of the princes, and for each one an ox: and they brought them before the tabernacle.

  2. It’s obvious what this guy is hauling around in his car. What things are you hauling? And are they less obvious?

  3. Anything is possible if you have desire, talent, and the will to succeed. I’ve seen this cowboy and his bull perform at a rodeo and it was truly amazing. The bull jumped through fire and walked up a small metal plank to the top of a truck, things that cattle are naturally afraid of. This did not happen overnight, nor did the bull one day just step into the car and ride off down the road. It took countless hours of training and bonding for the bull to trust his master and do these things. I’ll leave it up to others to apply the spiritual parallels to go with this.

  4. those are solid, Carolyn and Casey.
    dad, where did you see this guy in action?

  5. Oh I like the post from Casey. Would make for a GREAT sermon.

  6. sermon title “you dont need any bull in ur life”… thats deep!!…

  7. We saw him at a rodeo, but I can’t remember where. I guess it is the same bull. ?? How many bulls would do these kinds of things? 🙂

  8. Hey, I was totally kidding!!!!

  9. How much/big ‘bull’ are you carrying around in your life? Do you think it’s not obvious to others or to God? It’s normal to you because you’ve allowed yourself to get used to it, but it LOOKS ridiculous to others. Why is it that you can see the splinter (calf in this case) in another’s eye but not the beam (bull) in yours? : )
    He’s transporting transportation!

  10. It was in Wimberly a few years ago. We were there to watch Mike Weaver ride the broncs and hear him preach to the cowboys.

    How about: “Why carry a heavy bunch of bull when you can have Jesus for a copilot?”

  11. Brother Rob, I heard a saying one time.. “If God is your co-pilot….. CHANGE seats” guess it fits in the “Be the change” sermon Pastor has done .

  12. Well I say its time to get rid of all the bull in your life and You take the drivers seat. Time for the change and it has to begin with you.

    {Pray for me iam sick)
    And for all lof yous who prayed for my son this past week after his car wreck, he is doing better but still not out of the woods.

  13. Unconventional Means

    P.S. Ain’t that Jacob drivin?

  14. so good to hear from MIKE WEAVER. A good friend and fellow pastor! A real cowboy!

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