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I find that once a new word or meaning for a word pops into my vocabulary, I then start to hear it all the time. It is sort of like buying a new car and then you see those cars all over the streets.

People like new words and use them so much that they become buzz words. Lately, I have heard MANY people use the word ‘tracking’. They will say things like “are you tracking with me?” or “oh, I am tracking now.” This means I guess that you are ‘following along’. Is it just me or is that word now a buzz word? Maybe I am slow and it has always been a frequently used word. Can anyone clue me in on when this became a hip word? Do you use it to sound cool?

I have a friend that ALWAYS uses the word “impetus”. In every conversation (and I mean every single one), he will find a way to fit the word ‘impetus’ into a sentence. I have found myself eagerly anticipating the placement. I can feel it coming and I almost fit it in the sentence for him.

What say you?



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  1. I was in a meeting yesterday and said…this is so “Texas” and so “country” (in reference to an account process that our software does) “That doesn’t make a lick of sense”. My boss and co-worker who are from Minnesota and Wisconsin laughed at me. I don’t know where this even came from – maybe we’ve been hanging out too much with Suzy and T-Bear that sounds like something he would say. 😀

  2. I have to say That I have never heard these two words used. So I guess I am not up tp date on whats the “cool” thing to say.

    I have always tryed NOT to say things just because they make you sound cool. I think it goes along with other factors of life. Peer pressure to do what everyone else is doing and saying just so other people will think you are “cool”

    I like to be diffrent and not to follow the path or others. To be my own person, boss and leader. 🙂

    Cant wait till tomorrow!!!

  3. I use the word “tracking” alot, I have NO clue where I picked it up, maybe the military, maybe from a friend who knows, but you are right, we hear a new word or an old word said just a bit different and we all use it as if it were always in our vocabulary. So, yes Pastor, I’m ‘tracking’ with you on this topic. Y`all have a great day!

  4. Well as most of you`s know I have my own way of speaking, I make up my own words.
    So if you want to be edge-u -cated stop on by !!!
    Could not have said it better Jaylene.
    Woman after my own heart. :}

  5. Casey, you’ll have a new vocabulary by the time we get through with ya! HAHA

  6. Words are not the only means we use to communicate, but they are the most obvious. Our body language is probably truer than the words we use because it comes from a subconscious level. What’s interesting is to watch people talk without hearing the conversation and watch the less secure person change their position and copy the gestures of the more dominate person. This is also what is happening when we copy the vocabulary of someone else. We want to be accepted by our peers, therefore when a different word usage is set up by someone we respect, we naturally pick it up.

    If we have self confidence and a good working vocabulary, we will feel less of an urge to adopt the trendy words because we are not trying to impress anybody. I certainly have no issue with anybody if they choose to change their vocabulary daily, as long as I can understand their ideas.

  7. Rob, That was well said!!!

  8. Opps, Said well 🙂

  9. John Ragsdale used the word “tracking” while he was here. he is cool!

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