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How interesting! The San Marcos School Board has contacted me this week and wants to meet with local pastors for a luncheon to discuss how the churches can be more involved. So…it looks like I will be dining with the district superintendent and board.

The main things they want to discuss are the discipline problems and lack of parental involvement.

How ironic after yesterday’s post.




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  1. That God is in control, to STOP trying to keep him out of the schools, welcome him into every classroom and let his touch change lives. Just my thought anyway….

  2. OH THANK YOU GOD!!!!!! This made me cry…..To think of a day when God is back in the PUBLIC schools!!! What a Joy !!

    Tell then The Truth………….I am so Excited! I wish Lockhart ISD would contact you next 🙂

  3. Erica Caballero

    Please tell them to utilize us at the Greater San Marcos Youth Council. We offer indivual and family counseling, crisis counseling, parenting classes, youth anger management classes, a mentoring program, groups within the schools, a truancy program, and teen court. All of our services are free to residents of Hays County, with the exception of teen court which is $20.
    Our goal is to be more involved with SMCISD. We want to help better our community.

  4. My first instinct is to say “Prayer works”… when it comes to making change in the community we sometimes have to take small steps in the direction we would like go.

    One thing is certain. You need wisdom in this situation. The Word says (See the book of James – I am sure you know this, I’m adding it for anyone else who reads this) that if anyone ask for wisdom, God will grant it. So in as with any situation, ask God for wisdom.

    If our church had the opportunity to offer mentoring in the community and school system, it would be great – well, if we could get people to volunteer to mentor.

  5. Tell them what you preach to the parents of the students about these issues. The school is probably going as far as they can by recognizing the need for the church involvement but they are restricted by the courts. I think they want the church to encourage the parents to get involved and support the school to enforce discipline. Unfortunately, many parents take an adversarial position against the school instead of everybody working as a team.

  6. The parents need to realize that the school is trying to help them when the school disciplines the children, instead of getting mad at the school. How ridiculous. I read comments recently about how we (old folks) were more scared of what our parents would do to us after we got in trouble at school—in past years…. Now parents attack teachers if they are “too hard” on their little “brats”.
    OOpps, maybe I’ve had a rough day. 🙂
    BUT this is not really something you need to discuss with them. Teahers know this already. Just my opinions

    I sure am glad the doors are opening, tho!!!!!

  7. Well Miss Kathy , did you say you had a bad day?, but I agree with you on the part of being afraid of what my parents would do to me if I got into trouble at school. I have high hopes for the moms and dads in their 20`s,30`s making a big change,,,, well like going back to some of the values of the good ole days.
    They want a change they want more for their children. more then what is out their to day and they have the guts and knowledge to stand up for it. Make it happen. Like in our walk with God we have been fed the truth now its up to you and to me to stand up for what we want in our life. …Lets change what we can, lets make a difference..

  8. Dr. Tony Evans has started an Adopt a school program in the Dallas Texas area that unites the Church and school together. Maybe that’s something to look into looks like a great ministry.
    His website has some info about it and the school states that it has made a BIG difference.

  9. Kathy,
    I think you have hit the nail on the head with your comments about parents who don’t support the schools in regards to discipline. When I was teaching at the high school level, I heard a true story about a school principal that called parents in to a expulsion hearing for their child for fighting. The conference ended with the police being called to arrest the father for punching the principal.
    My dad always promised us that if we got in trouble at school, we were in twice as much when we got home.
    Actually, back then it was “if you get a whipping at school, You get another one when you get home”.
    Sadly, alot of these students are only mimicing what goes on in their homes. Not only are parents not discipling their kids but they also are not modeling appropriate behavior. Every time I go to a program at the schools where my kids and my nephews and nieces went/go I am appalled. Half the time you can’t hear half of what the speakers say because of the people talking, babies crying, etc.

  10. Thank You God!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tell the board to open the doors to the schools and let the lord in. The lord is knocking and his children want him in. I am so excited can’t wait to hear about the outcome.

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