Large Scale Ambition

To me, one of the dangers of American culture is that ambition, success, and potential always seem inseparable from big numbers. Most people think that ambition must involve a bunch of whatever you are aspiring toward. For example, singers think they are legitimate when they “hit it big”. Writers want to sell a million books. The more you accumulate, conquer, sell, buy, deliver, or even eliminate the ‘better’ you are. Values in ambition, success, and potential are quantity based.

What if someone dropped out of high school, went to work at a fast food chain and totally followed God’s plan?

Our education system in America is institutionalized. At the turn of last century, we tried to crank kids out of school just like Henry Ford cranked cars out of his factory. Now, teachers are trying to get as many kids as possible to pass a test. Where are our priorities? Our systems need to support (and fund) the hiring of more teachers so they can spend time with less kids. In our neighborhood, the system just built a $12 million elementary school. Before the school was even open the PTA was organizing a ‘benefit’ and needed people to donate popcorn machines and snowcone machines so they could make money to support the PTA. That grieves me. We just spent $12 million on a building and we need a popcorn machine to raise a few hundred dollars for our PEOPLE? Where are our priorities?

Where is the value of small, high quality items? Small careers that mean a lot to God’s Kingdom? Investing in one person instead of 1000? Remember, Jesus ministered primarily to 12 men and a couple of women. This strategy was setting up a couple thousand years of the gospel message spreading like wildfire.



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  1. This is good stuff pastor! I would shout you down if I were with you.
    I could cry just thinking of the possibility of our country changing to meet the proposal. The outcome would be overwhelmingly beautiful.
    You hit the nail on the head….
    thank you, thank you, thank you

  2. I agree with Erica GREAT stuff Pastor!

  3. WOW, ok… I have to agree with Erica and Jaylene… That is GOOD stuff Pastor…..

  4. I too agree with sister pastor and jaylene and did Bill S. say he agreeed with us to ………. hee hee hee
    Brother Bill your hair looked good today. And AJ`s was darling.

  5. The goes along with God’s Big Give. Pouring into the life of another person or serving in a ministry for years when no recoginition or glory is involved…it’s about giving.

    When we align ourselves with God’s plan for us, we find contentment, we find joy and thus stregnth. People feel sucessful when they are doing what God called them to do.

    If you pursue fame or fortune, you may find it, but will it bring contentment and peace?

  6. Good thoughts, Casey.
    I believe fame and fortune will give you peace if that is what God has called you to. There is no doubt some are called to that. But, to think that is the only option for success is extremely misleading.

  7. My mom is a great example. I asked her once what she wanted to “do” with her life when she was a kid. (Thinking this might help her find some areas to serve or something like that). She said all she really wanted to do was be a mom. And she is a great mom, she’s really good at it. She listens to us. She offers advise when we ask. I would say her sucess is measured in her kids, that we are all serving the Lord, investing in families of our own. My mom is one of the most content people I know.

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